Little Things: 2.0

One of my very first posts (seriously, back in 2014!) on this blog talked about “the little things” in life. It’s unanimous that we humans love talking about the little things, no matter how cliche and trite our discussions of little things can get.

I’m here to write a “Little Things: 2.0” post, simply because I just can’t get enough of freakin’ little things.

I love the feeling of my sister’s dog as he lays on my derrière in the mornings. (Weird, I know.)  Kasper’s routine: wake up. Eat breakfast. Go sleep with Kaila on Kaila’s behind. He snores, and when my alarm goes off at 5:45, he groans.

Shuffling down my block at 6 a.m.–it’s only me and my adorable neighbors (I say that respectfully), and I savor the darkness and the quiet. My neighbors are so cool; the woman runs and runs and runs at the same exact pace; she sometimes walks with her husband and carries teeny pink weights as she pumps her dainty arms. I’d bet money that those arms, as slight and petite as they are, could still pack a punch. She just keeps going and going and going. I go, but I can’t go and go and go.

Not yet.


That’s me trying to emulate the opening track of any Star Wars film. The soundtracks are often my running music of choice; might as well gain inspiration from the Jedi, the rebels, and the Empire. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to words at 6 a.m.; I have to stare at words all day. I just listen to epic music and, in turn, I feel pretty darn epic.

Coffee. Coffee was mentioned in my first “Little Things” post, and not much as changed since 2014.

Lunch. I have about a 10-15 minute lunch break between two [wonderful] jobs, and those moments spent in silence driving from point A to point B while nibbling on a turkey sandwich, a handful of chips, and string cheese are often just the right amount of fuel I need to conquer the rest of my day.

Finally falling asleep after a restless night. That’s what I’m about to attempt, so wish me luck. Thanks for sticking with me, friends. It means a whole lot to an aspiring writer for real actual humans to read words that I hastily type into WordPress’ handy word processor area thing. That was eloquent, I know.

Seriously. It means a lot.

Good night, and I hope you all take a little time out of your busy days to find and appreciate those stinkin’ little things.






40 Thoughts While Watching Star Wars for the First Time

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the newest episode, The Force Awakens, just yet.

I’ve only just watched the first trilogy (episodes IV-VI) for the very first time. I am now OBSESSED. So obsessed, in fact,  That my mom picked up these tissues and these stickers at the Dollar Tree as a little suprise:

At first I told myself I would watch Star Wars for the sake of research. I’m moving to Disney World, where Star Wars obsessions are allowed to run rampant, and I wanted to know my stuff. Little did I know that I would be sucked into the stories of the “galaxy far far away” and enthralled by Luke Skywalker’s journey to become a Jedi knight. I loved the classic battle between good and evil, no matter how otherworldly the setting. Star Wars is so popular for a reason–its message is universal.

Here are forty pure, unadulterated thoughts on the phenomenon as I sat down to view episodes IV, A New Hope. 

  1. HERE IT IS! The famous opening title/explanation of this movie thingy that is so iconic and beloved by so many.
  2. SO MUCH SPACE. I would hate to fly through outer space…it’s too much…space.
  3. I can tell I’m gonna love Princess Leia. She seems like she can take care of herself.
  4. These robots are cool. The gold one is my spirit animal: “WE’RE DOOMED.”
  6. IT’S MUFASA. OR MUFASA IS DARTH VADER. You know what I mean.
  7. Luke Skywalker, you sure are a cutie.
  8. Luke Skywalker, YOUR EYES.
  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi: his mother must have wanted the children on the intergalactic playground to taunt his name. But it is in a galaxy far, far away…
  11. I freaking love the music.
  12. Luke’s planet is not a planet I could live on.
  13. Isn’t it crazy that these planets were all filmed on our one planet but their existence is solidified in the world of stories that takes place entirely on Earth? It’s like inception. Or something like that.
  14. I love how characters can come to life through the creative process. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia: they’re all REAL because of George Lucas and the fans that clung to them. HOW COOL.
  15. I’m getting sidetracked. Moving along…
  16. Hey! It’s Indiana Jones! I mean Han(s?) Solo…
  17. Is it Han or Hans?! Google…
  18. It’s Han. Ok. I still have a bad relationship with the name “Hans” because of Frozen. 
  19. HEY! Thats Chewbacca! His face is plastered on tons of merchandise!
  20. I LOVE HIM.
  21. Hyperspace looks like Space Mountain! STAR WARS IS COOL!
  22. I’m using CAPS LOCK  a lot in this post…
  23. It’s because I’m so dang EXCITED. OBVIOUSLY.
  24. R2-D2 is adorable. I want him.
  25. But C-3PO is my spirit animal…I mean droid. He truly is.
  26. Princess Leia is a bada**. Excuse my french, but it’s true. I love a strong female character, especially in these kind of movies.
  27. I could name a puppy Leia…
  28. Sidetracked. But you know what else is cool? Star Wars merchandise is everywhere. Especially in Disney. I’M MOVING TO DISNEY.
  29. Hot topic might have a cool, comfy shirt in Star Wars style.
  30. Google…
  31. Oh! This one’s cute! And it’s the poster of A New Hope! I’m watching it! I need it!
  32. Well, placed my order. I’ll wear it when I meet these people in Disney. (Thanks, Christmas money!).
  33. Back to the movie…
  34. Chewbacca is so adorable. He panics half the time and his little moans are so endearing. Can I have him too?
  35. So far I want all the supporting characters to take along with me on my daily adventures. We could have a good time, I know it.
  36. Darth Vader loves choking people with the Force. Bad Darth Vader…
  37. The Force is one cool concept, let me tell you. If only I had watched Star Wars before my mythology paper was due! There are so many mythological allusions and elements. 
  38. Light saber fights are my favorite.
  39. The good guys blew up the Death Star! Yay, good guys!
  40. When can I watch the next one?


I only need to watch one more movie, and then I’ll be truly ready for The Force Awakens. I. Can’t. Wait.

And here’s the shirt I ended up buying:

Can you say obsessed?

Until next time, “May the force be with you.”