Favorite Feelings

The first day of a vacation, i.e. what today is for me. (I’m coming for ya, Allyssa and Iowa and South Dakota!)

The first sip of a large Diet Coke with vanilla from Sonic, because it’s extra vanilla-y.

Reading in a pool, your body half-submerged as the sun warms your shoulders and arms.

When you flip on the Food Network and the Pioneer Woman is on. She’s fantastic.

The crunch of a tortilla chip dripping with creamy jalapeño sauce from Chuy’s. UGH. I melt.

A perfectly clean room.

When you sit down to write and your brain actually spits out ideas.

The first time you listen to an album or a song, and you end up loving it. It’s the magic of listening to lyrics for the first time, you know?

When you used to work at Disney World and you visit for the first time in over a year, and Russell from Up remembers you and walks you to the Wilderness Explorer Clubhouse. (Oh, Disney. I MISS YOU.)

Receiving snail mail from your friends. Just sayin’ hi.

Sitting between the shelves of the local library, writing. You feel so official.

Actually seeing–not FaceTiming, not texting–your best friend for the first time in months. (Tomorrow, tomorrow!)

The tickle of your dog’s tongue on your nose.

Watching baby birds evolve: from aliens to gargoyles to feathered gargoyles to real life birds.

Long drives by yourself. You sing at the top of your lungs and no one judges you when you zone out to think about life and stuff.

And on that drive, you’re able to think of new story ideas and blog posts (like this one) and you feel energized and creative and productive!

And, finally, the satisfaction that comes with writing your thoughts down. There’s nothing better.


Little Things: 2.0

One of my very first posts (seriously, back in 2014!) on this blog talked about “the little things” in life. It’s unanimous that we humans love talking about the little things, no matter how cliche and trite our discussions of little things can get.

I’m here to write a “Little Things: 2.0” post, simply because I just can’t get enough of freakin’ little things.

I love the feeling of my sister’s dog as he lays on my derrière in the mornings. (Weird, I know.)  Kasper’s routine: wake up. Eat breakfast. Go sleep with Kaila on Kaila’s behind. He snores, and when my alarm goes off at 5:45, he groans.

Shuffling down my block at 6 a.m.–it’s only me and my adorable neighbors (I say that respectfully), and I savor the darkness and the quiet. My neighbors are so cool; the woman runs and runs and runs at the same exact pace; she sometimes walks with her husband and carries teeny pink weights as she pumps her dainty arms. I’d bet money that those arms, as slight and petite as they are, could still pack a punch. She just keeps going and going and going. I go, but I can’t go and go and go.

Not yet.


That’s me trying to emulate the opening track of any Star Wars film. The soundtracks are often my running music of choice; might as well gain inspiration from the Jedi, the rebels, and the Empire. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to words at 6 a.m.; I have to stare at words all day. I just listen to epic music and, in turn, I feel pretty darn epic.

Coffee. Coffee was mentioned in my first “Little Things” post, and not much as changed since 2014.

Lunch. I have about a 10-15 minute lunch break between two [wonderful] jobs, and those moments spent in silence driving from point A to point B while nibbling on a turkey sandwich, a handful of chips, and string cheese are often just the right amount of fuel I need to conquer the rest of my day.

Finally falling asleep after a restless night. That’s what I’m about to attempt, so wish me luck. Thanks for sticking with me, friends. It means a whole lot to an aspiring writer for real actual humans to read words that I hastily type into WordPress’ handy word processor area thing. That was eloquent, I know.

Seriously. It means a lot.

Good night, and I hope you all take a little time out of your busy days to find and appreciate those stinkin’ little things.





Good Things

There are so many good things in this world. I just wanted to take a moment and put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) and list some really good things that exist in my life:

  • Chocolate milk. Just so darn good.
  • Chicken fajitas.
  • Good grades on some hard tests.
  • A really comfy bed. I’m talking really comfy.
  • Coffee. It’s a given.
  • Netflix.
  • Disney movie marathons during snow days.
  • My new Donald Duck Tsum Tsum that sits on my desk, protecting my pens that help me produce my ideas and hopes and dreams. You go, Donald.
  • Witnessing proposals. This has happened in the last couple of days, and seeing other people’s happiness and dreams coming true just make me so happy.
  • Once Upon a Time returns tomorrow. This is good.
  • Spring Break is coming in less than two weeks. How amazing.
  • Esty stores that feed my Disney addiction.
  • Morning jam sessions.
  • Early bedtimes.

Good things come in simple packages, my friends. You just have to realize how wonderful those simple things really are.

I hope everyone had a magical Saturday!

Snow Days

Today was a glorious day, filled with Grey’s Anatomy, California Pizza Kitchen oven pizza, a mid-afternoon sip of marshmallow lover’s hot chocolate, a two-mile jog in my university’s Wellness Center, and snow.

I just love those mundane, uneventful days that suddenly turn into a day filled with a lot of little special moments. I feel refreshed and raring to go thanks to this happy snow day–homework’s done, candles are burning, the blankets are cozy. Thanksgiving break is just a short eight days away. Eight days! How could I contain my excitement?

More reasons I love snow days:

  • No school. It’s just so nice to have a break every once in a while.
  • A built-in excuse to be lazy/indulge in leisure.
  • Hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Breaking out the Christmas movies. Miracle on 34th Street, anyone?
  • Catching up on your Netflix shows, because that is of the utmost importance.
  • Knowing that there’s a little winter wonderland right outside your window.
  • Taking a stroll through that winter wonderland and feeling the snow delightfully crunch beneath your red Sperry snow boots.
  • Giggling to yourself when you see someone stumble clumsily on the newly formed ice.
  • Laughing at yourself when you inevitably do it too.

Gotta love those snow days.