Pretty as a [Disney] Penny

If you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not following me, click the link located at the end of my menu…good stuff, I tell you!), you’re aware that I’ve been busy getting my new apartment together. I’ve added Disney touches throughout– decor with the mouse (or any Disney character, really) just makes me so happy.

I want to show you all one piece I’m quite proud of. My sister and I made this crafty Pinterest project after collecting a plethora of shiny souvenir Disney pennies on our trip in June 2014:

My penny display is proudly hanging in my new bathroom, and it certainly adds to the mundane getting-ready experience.

I loved collecting these coppery gems. Penny collecting is a fairly cheap endeavor that is so much fun to tackle–love a certain ride, character, or resort? Just visit the many penny-presser-thingys found all over Disney property and discover little souvenirs that don’t break the bank. If you collect enough, crafting the perfect display to show them off is just another plus.

This display was super easy to make. Just find the size frame you want, construct a background out of a solid piece of scrapbook paper (I chose this pretty blue to tie in with the rest of my apartment), and super glue your pressed pennies onto the paper in the pattern you desire. Frame it up, hang it up, and viola! A pretty little penny display fit for any Disney-lover.

The best part of our penny display is the memories that emerge from the depths of my long-term memory after I steal a glance at our masterpiece. Every time I look at my display, I remember the fun I had picking out the perfect pennies to suit my Disney favorites. My sister, mom, grandma, and I had the best time finding the penny machines and cranking out the miniature works of art. We would frantically search for the coveted machines after we would step off of an attraction and clap our hands with delight at the sight of all of the options. One memory involves us getting off of Splash Mountain–dripping wet–and waddling toward the penny machine to pick out the perfect “laughing place” souvenir. We spent weeks before the trip saving our quarters for the project, and the quest for pennies was so worth it.

I hope you all enjoyed my penny project. Souvenirs are for helping you retain your precious memories–this display ensures that my Disney memories (especially from the trip in which we decided to seek out the pennies!) will never go dim.

Have a magical day, everyone!