“Disney Day”

“Disney Days” are essential to the mental health of an avid Disney fan. If you didn’t know, I’m an avid Disney fan…times ten.

I know. Shocking.

What is a “Disney Day?” It’s not just a day spent at a theme park (although it can be). A Disney Day can be any ol’ regular day with an intentional amount of magic and pixie dust thrown in.

Disney fans have a way with “fluffy” words, don’t they?

We (my family and I) had our own Disney Day this past Sunday. We declared it Disney Day from the start–we each picked out a Disney movie and sat down for hours to watch some favorites and some forgotten classics. We took a break for lunch and a treat, and we gabbed and napped throughout the showings.

It was pure, lazy, pixie-dusted bliss.

We could’ve made our day more elaborate, with treats and favors fit for Instagram. We could’ve put more thought and planning into the movies we watched. I could have started a hashtag, worn ears, done my makeup, felt like a presentable human being.

But did we do that? Nope! We just sat down and watched some movies. The simplicity of the occasion made the day so much better–free of fuss, free of perfection, free of a bra. (TMI? Probably.)

Here’s how our lineup developed:

  1. The Little Mermaid, followed by a Lean Cuisine for lunch and a trip to DQ for a vanilla ice cream cone.
  2. Aladdin with bouts of power outages due to a summer thunderstorm. It took us a long time to watch and finish Aladdin. Momma cried because she had never sat and watched it all the way through–she adored the song “A Whole New World,” and she was so proud of Al when he set the Genie free. My sister took a hearty nap.
  3. The Lion King, with bonus features included.
  4. Peter Pan whilst sorting through old photos and memorabilia. I found some old short stories of mine, written around the third or fourth grade. One piece was entitled “The Irish Setter Who Loved Golf.” An Irish Setter is a breed of dog, one I was particularly fond of as a child. It was a work of literary genius, no doubt. Find me an agent, stat! (Ha.)

While this wasn’t a stop-the-presses kind of day, it was one of my favorite. It was a Disney Day for the books–I’ve had some pretty incredible park days, but there’s something about intentionally sitting  and watching movies all day with the ones you love that makes every “monotonous” moment magical.

How would you go about your own Disney Day?




I recently changed a few bullet points under the “about me” category.

First: “recent college graduate” transformed to “graduate student in creative writing.” Yes, you read that right! I’ll be heading back to school in the fall, and I am thrilled to continue my education. Who knows? Perhaps a doctorate is in my [distant] future?

I like school, okay? Let me stay forever.

Second: I changed “aspiring writer” to simply read “writer.”

Because I realized something.

I don’t have to wait until I’m a “grown-up” to fully realize my “grown-up” dream. And heck, I am a grown-up! Painfully so. I’ll be 24 in less than a month, and that’s scary. And kind of cool. But mostly terrifying.

You see, reader, I’m a writer because I write. I am not published in the sense that I have novels under my belt, but I write. A lot. At least I try to.

I do have a few articles published in a local magazine, and that’s cool. I’m so grateful for  the opportunity to contribute to a wonderful publication. But I still have a hard time considering myself a full-fledged writer.

But I am. And now that I’m realizing it, I’m so excited about my future and all the possibilities yet to be.

I write stories before bed! Fiction! And I love doing it! I’m using exclamation points because I think I found what I love to do! Making up stories to fill our dark little world with hero[ines] and characters that came to be because I used my brain muscles and created them out of nothing!

Now, yes, eventually I’d like to be semi-successful in this writing endeavor. But I can’t become successful or good at anything without a little elbow grease and a whole lot of doing.

And the doing–the writing, the doing the writing–makes me a writer. It’s the same concept as running. I’m currently training for a half marathon, and the act of running makes me a runner.

I’m slow as dirt, and it’s hard to wake up early before work to “pound the pavement.” (That’s runner’s speak.) But I run, so I am a runner.

I’m a writer, I’m a runner, I’m a dreamer. And I love and cherish all of those titles.

Have a magical day, my friends.




Little Things: 2.0

One of my very first posts (seriously, back in 2014!) on this blog talked about “the little things” in life. It’s unanimous that we humans love talking about the little things, no matter how cliche and trite our discussions of little things can get.

I’m here to write a “Little Things: 2.0” post, simply because I just can’t get enough of freakin’ little things.

I love the feeling of my sister’s dog as he lays on my derrière in the mornings. (Weird, I know.)  Kasper’s routine: wake up. Eat breakfast. Go sleep with Kaila on Kaila’s behind. He snores, and when my alarm goes off at 5:45, he groans.

Shuffling down my block at 6 a.m.–it’s only me and my adorable neighbors (I say that respectfully), and I savor the darkness and the quiet. My neighbors are so cool; the woman runs and runs and runs at the same exact pace; she sometimes walks with her husband and carries teeny pink weights as she pumps her dainty arms. I’d bet money that those arms, as slight and petite as they are, could still pack a punch. She just keeps going and going and going. I go, but I can’t go and go and go.

Not yet.


That’s me trying to emulate the opening track of any Star Wars film. The soundtracks are often my running music of choice; might as well gain inspiration from the Jedi, the rebels, and the Empire. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to words at 6 a.m.; I have to stare at words all day. I just listen to epic music and, in turn, I feel pretty darn epic.

Coffee. Coffee was mentioned in my first “Little Things” post, and not much as changed since 2014.

Lunch. I have about a 10-15 minute lunch break between two [wonderful] jobs, and those moments spent in silence driving from point A to point B while nibbling on a turkey sandwich, a handful of chips, and string cheese are often just the right amount of fuel I need to conquer the rest of my day.

Finally falling asleep after a restless night. That’s what I’m about to attempt, so wish me luck. Thanks for sticking with me, friends. It means a whole lot to an aspiring writer for real actual humans to read words that I hastily type into WordPress’ handy word processor area thing. That was eloquent, I know.

Seriously. It means a lot.

Good night, and I hope you all take a little time out of your busy days to find and appreciate those stinkin’ little things.





Latest Obsession: The Olympics

I know. It’s crazy. I actually have something other than Disney and the college program on my mind. And that something is the glorious Olympic games being held in Rio.

I have always been a sucker for the games. I’ve read Michael Phelps’ books multiple times. I used to (and still do) stay up for all of the prime time coverage and the extras, including those special little news features about athletes who overcame adversity through insane courage and persistence. I even have the Olympic theme music on my phone; I bought it in the eighth grade and have never looked back or regretted the impulse buy.

I think my obsession might be in-sync with the country, and, perhaps, the world. Every time an Olympics rolls around, the world watches with fervent passion and consistency. We become fiercely patriotic, even if it is just for a couple of weeks. We become invested in all of the athletes’ backstories. We buy magazines with athletes on the cover and a little section devoted to the Olympian-tested workout. We Tweet about the Olympics, post lengthy Facebook statuses about the Olympics, and Instagram about the Olympics.

Why do we love the Olympics so darn much?

I can tell you why: even if you do not realize it, we love the Olympics because it showcases human spirit and tenacity. Athletes finally get their reward after years and years of hard work and sacrifice. Even if athletes do not win a medal, it is amazing to think that they are able to represent their country in a positive light.

We see ourselves in the Olympians–we crave reward, we know about sacrifice in different aspects of our lives, and we want to represent our country and our families in a positive way. The Olympics showcase classic stories of success through hard work; to see the happiness and realization of a dream coming true is addictive. We keep coming back for more and more.

I was absolutely loving watching the women’s gymnastics team clinch gold the other night–their happiness was infectious, and I found myself smiling from ear to ear. They were young women causally achieving their childhood dreams of gold. We were a nation casually united for one purpose–to encourage and to praise the “Final Five,” the golden girls.

That’s another thing I love about the Olympics: for two weeks every four years, our country becomes just a little more cohesive, united. Our world becomes a little more united as well; sometimes I just choose to root for an athlete because of their story or the way they carry themselves. You recognize that athletes, no matter what country they are competing for, are just athletes.

I don’t know why I started writing this in the first place, but I think I’ve come to some conclusion–the Olympics bring out the best in a lot of people. Athletes, citizens of the world, and dreamers everywhere. Thanks for existing every four years, Olympics. You used to fuel my competitive fire, and now you fuel my human spirit.

Happy watching, everyone!

Pure Excitement

These past few weeks have been an odd mix of emotions; mostly wonderful, some a little… bitter sweet. Yes. Bitter sweet is the right sentiment.

Let’s see. First off, I’m done with my college volleyball career. My last season ended a little over a week ago, and it still doesn’t feel real. I’ll write a separate post on the subject sometime soon, but I want to let whoever is reading this know that I have loved every minute of my college volleyball dream and this last year was just so gratifying. We won our conference, had the first winning season in program history, and got to play in the NCAA tournament. It was so exciting, and when I walked off the court for the very last time (holy moly), I knew that I could say that I put everything into my first dream.

That is where the “bitter sweet” component of my complex emotions factor in.

Now. Here are the exciting components:

  • I’m done with college in 5 days. Wow. This is also a little bitter sweet, but I just can’t wait to be at home for a while.
  • I start the Disney College Program in 52 days! I have to keep pinching myself. I can’t believe I get to be a cast member! Now that volleyball is over, I can shift my attention to preparing for my arrival date. I’m having the best time organizing my thoughts and planning and what not.
  • I’ll be living in DISNEY WORLD in only 52 days. Again, it’s just now sinking in now that I have a bit of free time on my hands.
  • I’ll get to see so many dreams coming true on a day-to-day basis.
  • It makes my heart so happy knowing I’ll be seeing Mickey and Donald and friends oh so soon.
  • Christmas is coming. Who doesn’t love Christmas?
  • I get to see my dogs in 5 days!
  • Can you see why my heart is bursting with happiness?!

Once finals are over, I’m going to try to post at least once a week. I won’t be an English student any longer, so I have to keep my writing skills sharp. Also, blogging is so darn fun. And once I’m at Disney, I’ll be posting a lot more about the most magical place on Earth–tips, tricks, my amateur photography of the castle and other pretty things around the parks, life while in the college program, food, reviews of all the amazing new attractions set to open in 2016, you name it. I’m so excited to breath a little fresh air into this blog.

For now, I’ll just continue to let my heart pitter-patter as I start making packing lists and shopping trips.

Have a magical day, my friends.