Falling Down a Rabbit Hole

In honor of today being Disney’s Alice in Wonderland release date (July 28, 1951), I wanted to pay a little tribute to the movie and the curious little girl who inspires me as I go through my young adult life.

I’m a girl in her early twenties–I’m scared out of my mind quite more often than not. I don’t know what’s in store for my life; I can work hard and try a lot of different things, but success is never guaranteed. That’s scary.

I often feel like Alice–she tumbles down a rabbit hole, pursuing the flighty white rabbit (a metaphor for dreams? Goals? Aspirations perhaps?), and ends up in a very strange, wondrous place. Everything is backwards from what she is used to, and the inhabitants often make no sense at all. She encounters dodo birds, disappearing cats, a little mouse that seems to be drunk more often than not, and a really mean, scary lady who’s determined to decapitate the entire population.

It’s a mad house.

Sometimes I imagine the “adult” world is a version of Wonderland–there will be people who don’t give a darn about you and your pursuits, you’ll hear talk and jargon that you’ll barely understand, and there’ll be people who are after your head, your success.

You’ll just want “everything to make sense for a change.”

I also think Wonderland (aka “Adultland”) will also be wonderful and exciting. Alice found a world full of color and vivacity: talking flowers, mazes of bright green, and tasty treats that made her height fluctuate. I think there could be wonderful things waiting for me (and you) in Adultland. Things that don’t make any sense can be exciting and wonderful.

Alice has also sparked a certain curiosity within my nature. I love taking a cue from this little adventurer–I’m always wanting to learn and soak up many different subjects, cultures, books. You name it. Being curious keeps the soul young. Wanting to learn and experience new things is a really good thing. Alice couldn’t settle for ordinary. Of course, once she discovered that the unordinary could be a little scary and chaotic, the ordinary was waiting for her to return, there for her to recover from the stimulation of Wonderland. That’s how home is to me. Once I’ve had my fill of adventure, I can always return home to recharge, to regroup. Home is always there, Just as Dinah (that little cat Alice is so fond of) will always be there for little Alice.

Alice in Wonderland can really serve as a fitting metaphor for a wandering twenty-something. I think it’s the anticipation of the journey to Wonderland (Adultland) that’s the hardest. You want to know what it’s like; your curiosity overflows to the brim. I feel like Alice as she lays in the meadow filled with flowers, singing of the day where she’ll have a “world of her own.”

Until then, I’ll be content up in my tree, petting my Dinah, and listening to my sister read from a book (not really. This is what Alice did, of course). I’ll realize how wonderful it is to be content and comfortable, and gear up for my own journey to Wonderland.

Happy birthday, Alice in Wonderland. You’ve kept audiences captivated since 1951, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.


Just a Recap

This past couple of weeks have been nothing short of hectic. They have also been wonderful, rainy, and sweaty. Sweaty as in “I’ve started my summer workouts and my hometown is a lot more humid than my college town so every time I step outside to run or do anything little droplets of sweat run down my arms and my nose and help me glisten like a vampire out of the Twilight series” sweaty.

I just came back from a run, can’t you tell?

So here are a few things I’ve been up to:


I am done with school for the summer! It’s such a wonderful feeling. I was able to conquer my finals and earn all A’s in my hardest semester yet. I still have one more semester to go (at least for my first degree…no way am I going to stop my learnin’ there) and I can’t wait to continue flexing my brain muscles in the attempt to become my smartest self.

Mother’s Day

As soon as my finals were over, I headed home to celebrate Mother’s Day–I had planned to dedicate a whole post to my mom because she deserves it so much, but time just got away from me. I was amid a flurry of flowers, last-minute gift-getting shopping trips, and an abundance of sweet hugs. This little piece of my post is dedicated to you, Momma. You do everything for me. And I mean everything. I love you so much. One day, you’ll have your own little piece of my blog dedicated entirely to you.

My Birthday

I celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday! I was so excited to sing Taylor’s Swift’s classic anthem and eat cake and savor some vanilla bean ice cream. I got a few new books I’m so excited to tear through–Mom sensed that I needed some literature about what it is like being a newly-minted adult, a twenty-something who has no idea what’s going on but wants to desperately figure it out and excel in her new stage of life.

Momma just gets me.

Changes Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating this blog, my little piece of the internet, and expanding my audience through the creation and upkeep of my favorite social media site: Instagram. Stay tuned, my friends! Kaila in Wonderland is coming to a tiny little iPhone screen near you (if you’re not already reading these posts through that nifty little device).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go fall down my own little rabbit hole: organizing that thing I like to call “my life.”

Have a great day, my friends!

It’s Been A “Mad” Week

Life is in full swing, my friends.

In the first two weeks of school I’ve had a paper due, a test, about a 160ish pages to read, silent films to watch and write about (thanks to Intro to Film), and 6 AM workouts to happily attend.

Needless to say, coffee has been absolutely essential these first couple of weeks. Today I bring you the mug I got for Christmas– notice the clever shape… Does it remind you of a certain character?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! This cute little mug takes the shape of the Mad Hatter’s hat from Alice and Wonderland. Being an avid Alice fan, I’m absolutely in love. As I finish up this busy week I remember these words from the live-action version of Alice’s adventures:

“You’re mad. Entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret: All the best people are.”

I hope everyone has a marvelously “Mad” Friday!

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Oh my goodness, I love all things Alice in Wonderland. 

I’ve named my blog after this endearing novel/movie adaptation, for Pete’s sake. I love falling down the rabbit hole with innocent little Alice, whether it be within the pages of Lewis Carroll’s novel or on my little screen in Walt Disney’s animated version. I can’t help but love the film; I’m not a literature purist or anything. Movies simply bring to life beloved stories in a new, creative, and equally artistic way. The color schemes, the music, Alice’s soft English accent, the portrayal of Wonderland’s inhabitants–I think it is all so well done and imaginative in Walt’s 1951 animated feature.

The quotes! The quotes are what draw me in and keep me in. Both adaptations have scattered little nuggets of wisdom, sometimes coming from the most absurd and surreal characters you could think of. For example, when Alice tries to figure out how to get through the little door to Wonderland itself, the talking doorknob (a talking doorknob!) tells her it’s not impossible, but simply “impassible. Nothing’s impossible!” I love how matter-of-factly this little guy proclaims this. Instant inspiration in a matter of seconds of classic animation.

Alice herself has the best things to say, the most important nuggets of wisdom. In the book (it could be in the movie as well, but I’m am not entirely sure), Alice tells the Mock Turtle (who is definitely not in the movie), “I could tell you my adventures–beginning from this morning, but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” That last part–“it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”–has become my little mantra. I love it because it’s so true. Each morning we start over, we have a clean slate. Why keep going back to yesterday when it no longer exists? Each day we can reinvent ourselves, so why dwell on our past selves?

Alice, you are so smart for a little girl. Thank you, Alice, for being your charming self and going on your adventures in Wonderland, for falling down that rabbit hole and dealing with the absurdities thrown your way with as much poise that can be expected when confronted with a disappearing cat. You’ve helped me realize that “we’re all mad here” in this world, and it’s ok to walk the unbeaten path every now and then. With a little logic and a whole lot of the belief in the impossible, we can always get back on track.