Can You Feel The Love [Today?]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk Disney couples, because what else do you talk about on Valentine’s Day?!

Here are my favorite Disney couples and the reasons I love ’em:

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel 

EUGENE FITZHERBERT. Who doesn’t love the most attractive animated character in the history of animated characters? I also love Rapunzel–she’s a dreamer, spunky, independent, and takes charge. Separately, the two are fantastic. Together, Rapunzel and Flynn rule the world.

I love that Flynn isn’t a hero; he’s the opposite. He’s initially materialistic and self-centered, longing to be surrounded by “enormous piles of money.” (Who can blame him?) He’s a thief and an outlaw (and they can’t get his nose right!), but from the get-go, audiences can’t help but love him. I love him. A lot. Below is proof of my love for this rascal, photos taken on the day I finally met Flynn Rider:

Recording the “Smolder” so it could live forever on my sister’s phone.

This. Is not. A DRILL!

Eugene…I just love ya. 

Rapunzel doesn’t necessarily change Flynn and Flynn doesn’t really change Rapunzel. He still has his sense of humor at the end of Tangled, and she is as spunky as ever. They just…go together. I hate saying the words “complete each other,” because a person is never not whole, you know? They just bring out the best in each other.

They help each other find “new dreams,” and when a person helps you find and achieve whatever your dream may be, I believe that person could be a keeper.

Moving on.

Tiana and Naveen 

They are so wonderful together. They have the same thing going for them as Flynn and Rapunzel–they don’t necessarily complete each other, they just go together like beignets and powdered sugar and honey.

You know: perfectly.

Naveen hasn’t worked a day in his life, and Tiana works too darn much. They balance each other’s personalities and together they live a happy, “swingin’ good time” life. That quote is from Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, a show on Disney property that showcases just how wonderful Tiana and Naveen are.

Much love, Tiana and Naveen. Much love.

Carl and Ellie 

You know the two: the sweet couple from Disney-Pixar’s Up. This was always a given. (For a post exclusively about my love for Up‘s sweetest couple and the lessons we can learn from them, click here.)

Honorable Mention: Anna and Kristoff 

This one is for my sister: she claims she and her boyfriend are exactly like Anna and Kristoff. I could see it.

Regardless, Anna and Kristoff are certainly a cute couple. I especially love Kristoff’s nickname for Anna: “Fiesty Pants.”

We can all agree that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, but it certainly is fun to talk about our favorite Disney couples. Who are your favorites? Comment below or join the conversation on Instagram. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!



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