“Mirror, Mirror…”

It’s finally October, the month of cool breezes, pumpkins, and spooks. To celebrate, I have decided to showcase a Disney villain every Sunday of October.

Welcome to #SinisterSunday, my friends. First up: the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

Ah, the Evil Queen. Her vanity consumed her and became her demise, she could whip up a peculiar apple pie in no time, and she has impeccable style.

What? Purple and red pair marvelously together.

Let’s digress and talk about the Evil Queen in her newest manifestation: Regina Mills from ABC’s Once Upon a Time. 

love Regina. (“Queen” in Latin. Pretty cool huh?) At the beginning of the show, Regina was as evil as evil gets–full of hatred and vengeance, casting wicked curses left and right. She was unapologetically awful. Her frankness, although wicked and horrible and frightening, was something to (sort of) be admired.

What makes Regina truly wonderful, however, is her ability to overcome her evil tendencies and her dysfunctional family. She eventually chooses to be good, to find her own happiness.

Once Upon a Time is just so good.

Bottom line: Once Upon a Time asserts that we can choose to overcome our genetic tendencies and work toward our own happy ending. Regina’s growth throughout the series reminds us of this.

The Evil Queen decided to overcome her title and become not so evil after all.

That’s all for this installment of #SinisterSunday. I hope you are having a wickedly wonderful first week of October, my friends.

Just be careful to avoid suspicious apples, okay?



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