Princess Day

The beginning of Princess Day. Feeling magical in Morocco.

Princess Day was the best day ever.

Let me explain. A few days ago, two of my fellow princesses and I ventured to Epcot and Magic Kingdom with one goal: meet all of the princesses. We were not able to make it to Animal Kingdom to visit our friend Pocahontas, so we send our sincere apologies to the princess who can paint with all of the colors of the wind.

Princess Day also included tiaras and dresses–I truly felt like a princess on Princess Day, despite the glaring Florida sun inflicting a constant stream of sweat and a nice sunburn across my back. Princess Day also reminded us why the Disney princesses are so special to us and and world; Disney princesses are truly role models for princesses of all ages.

While modern society sometimes demeans the Disney princess persona, claiming the princesses to be glorified damsels in distress, I politely–and firmly–disagree. Snow White is kind and optimistic despite her adversity. Aurora is hopeful in the face of isolation from the world she should know. Cinderella only knows loneliness and unjust servitude but holds onto the slightest chance of her dreams coming true.The list goes on and on with princesses and their respective qualities–loyalty, gumption, bravery, kindness, resourcefulness, etc. In my personal experience, each princess has contributed to my point of view, my outlook on the world and who am as a person. They have helped me become my own kind of princess.

I am a princess who loves books and literature and dreams of finding “adventure in the great wide somewhere,” just like Belle.

I am a princess who was so worried about being the perfect everything–student, daughter, athlete, etc.–but I’ve learned to “let it go” and just be myself, just like Elsa.

I am a princess who doesn’t need a prince at the moment; a princess that is totally ok with “shooting for my own hand,” just like feisty Merida.

I am a princess who is a little bit awkward in certain situations, just like Anna.

I am a princess who is finally learning that being my own person is one of the most magical things ever.

Princess Day was certainly a celebration, everyone–not only did we celebrate the unique qualities of every princess with every interaction, we also began to celebrate the unique qualities that exist within ourselves. Princess day helped me realize that just like each Disney princess is totally and beautifully unique, each person on this earth is just as unique and special. I became the embodiment of my perfect princess on Princess Day. No need to imitate a Disney princess; I was my own. Every picture became a chance to showcase my princess personality. Twirling in front of Cinderella’s castle was exhilarating.

I declare that every day be Princess Day for every princess and/or prince. Princess Day does not have to include pretty dresses or sparkly tiaras, although those never hurt. Princess Day can just be a tiny celebration of who you are as a person and a princess–when you treat yourself as if you are royalty, others will follow suit.

How will you celebrate your own Princess Day?




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