My Attempts At “Disneybounding”

If you’re a Disney fan, there is a chance you have heard of (and/or attempted) the art of “Disneybouning.” You know that it means portraying a character, a movie, a location, or even an item found in any Disney film by wearing clothes that allude to your Disney favorites. These outfits don’t necessarily need to scream whatever character you are “bounding” as–often they are just a subtle nod to that character through a color scheme or an accessory.

Enter my own Disneybounds. I could be the definition of a subtle bounder–I didn’t have the means or the time to go over-the-top, but I had a few pieces that I thought would do the trick for some really cute pictures.

Bound 1: Jane Porter 

Ever since I began my program, I have become immersed in all things Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is the host to many of my favorite characters, all of which are unique to Animal Kingdom–Flik, Dug and Russell, and Tarzan to name a few. I decided to try Disneybounding as Jane Porter for my very first attempt at this art I’ve always admired–she’s smart, independent, artistic, and strong-willed. Jane is one of my favorite Disney heroines, so why not pay homage?

I just paired a simple white top with yellow shorts (cue Jane’s classic buttery dress) with a little straw bucket hat to allude to the British and bookish beauty. It doesn’t obnoxiously scream “Jane,” but I do love how the pictures from the day turned out. Tarzan even asked if I would like to learn how to pose like a gorilla, so I’d say the bound was a success!

Bound 2: Donald Duck 

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you would probably know that I have a tiny little obsession with Donald Duck. I love his personality–hot-tempered, a little egotistical, and  a softie at heart. He’s definitely a charmer, and I can’t help but absolutely melt in his presence. For my second attempt at Disneybounding, of course I had to honor the number one duck.

As you can see, I utilized those same yellow shorts for my Donald bound. Instead of a white top, however, I paired the shorts with a bright, royal blue sleeveless blouse to match the hue of Donald’s sailor suit (which he does not meet in in any of the four parks…how crazy is that?). I also was sure to don my Donald Duck headband (found on Amazon) and a pair of Donald Duck painted Toms. I unfortunately do not know the artist of these pretty shoes; they were a gift. Of course, I also wore my Donald magic band, which completed the look quite nicely. I would say Donald thought so, too.

There you have it! It was so much fun to try my hand at Disneybouding. The amount of compliments on my Donald Duck bound made me feel like I had [sort of] mastered the art of the Disneybound. I want to do a couple more bounds before I end my program, but we will see what happens.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at Disneybounding; it’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s a way to get your creative juices flowing. I hope you all have a magical day!


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