Magic exists in so many different forms. I live in Disney World at the moment, and the magic I witness is not always so typical.

Yes, there is that “typical” Disney magic that exists in a child’s face when they meet Mickey Mouse for the very first time. There is the magic that filters the atmosphere when a family watches the fireworks and decides then and there that they will keep coming back for more. There is the magic that happens when a guests takes a bite out of a Mickey-shaped treat and decides it’s the best thing they have ever tasted.

There is this typical Disney magic that exists each and every day, and it’s wonderful and special. The magic that isn’t always so typical, however–the type of magic that isn’t necessarily prominent to anybody but the person who experiences it–is some of the best magic of all.

I have just finished a week-long family vacation with the people I love the most. After an unusually tough day being Dug and Russell’s babysitter, I headed to Disney’s Pop Century resort to check-in and see loved ones I hadn’t seen in months. I pulled up and saw my sister waving at me, and I just had to burst into tears. I hadn’t seen my sissy since early January, and in that moment all was right with the world.

We checked in and and the kindness of our hospitality hostess filled my heart–she gave us “family reunion” buttons after chatting with us and discovering what a happy reunion it was turning out to be. This small, kind gesture moved my mom and me to tears (remember, I was slightly emotional that day) and it sprinkled our vacation with extra pixie dust from the get-go.

People can also be magical through their companionship and their very persona. I’ve met one of the best friends I’ve ever had while on this college program. It’s crazy to think how Disney can bring people with similar interests together–there was never a dull moment with Allyssa. We met characters together, ate so much Disney food together, thought of Instagram captions together, and just soaked up every inch of the Disney life together. Her friendship brought so much magic into my life–it was wonderful to share Disney adventures with her. (Allyssa, if you’re reading this…I miss you).

Magic can exist in the smallest of moments. Whenever I receive a hug from a small child (this doesn’t happen often, but it is the best feeling) or see a military family making bittersweet memories without a loved one or I see friends celebrating their reunion in the company of Dug and Russell (one of my favorite memories), I know that magic can exist in the most minuscule, insignificant, fleeting form. It just takes a second to feel it, to capture it. This kind of magic keeps you going, it reminds you of what’s important, and assures you that so much good exists in the world.

I have fifty days left of making magic at the Walt Disney World resort. This does not mean that I will quit making magic all together–I truly believe magic can be made and experienced anywhere and everywhere. As Jiminy Cricket says during the nighttime fireworks at Magic Kingdom every single night–“You’ll never run out of wishes. They’re shining deep down inside of you. And that, my friends, is where the magic lives!” 

Don’t you worry Jiminy. I have enough wishes to keep the magic living on forever and ever.

Experiencing magic with friends is one of the best things ever. 


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