Hidden Gems

No matter how often you go to Disney, you are almost always sure to find something you’ve never seen or experienced before.

After enjoying a lovely lunch at Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Magic Kingdom, I stumbled upon a wall that almost moved me to tears.

I said almost. I’m not that big of a softy.

Jiminy Cricket is one of my favorite little obscure characters–he embodies Disney magic like no other insect (crickets are insects, right?). Imagine my delight when I blindly walked into a room that paid sweet homage to my humble little cricket friend. Here are some pictures:

  In that room there was also a wall with the Blue Fairy’s likeness. Below was a little book with Jiminy’s picture on the cover, encouraging guests to scribble their own wishes and dreams.

In this tiny moment of discovery, I felt so uplifted and refreshed. Little things like paintings on a wall can really do something to a person’s emotions if done just right.

Disney always does it right.

I didn’t write down my wishes that day. Every day seems like a wish come true–I get to see so much happiness in each meet-and-greet and get to spend free moments enjoying my favorite place. There will come a time where I’ll need to figure out new wishes to be made, but right now I’m enjoying each wish come true.


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