Tsum Tsum Obsessed–My Little Collection

I love Disney Tsum Tsums. Anyone who claims they don’t understand the cuteness that is Tsum Tsum is lying. Or they are just my sister, who can’t seem to understand my love for these little bean-shaped Disney plushies that vaguely resemble Disney characters.

They. Are. So. Dang. CUTE.

I only have five in my collection, but I can see how many can collect hundreds–I only had two prior to this past weekend, but when I added my three new tsums to the stack, I felt something oddly…satisfying. I can’t accurately describe it. I just love seeing my little collection sitting atop my dresser, cutely keeping watch over my room. And I want to emphasize the cute factor of these things–they are adorable. 

I’m using a lot of italics in this post, but it’s completely necessary.

Here is my little collection:

I have Donald Duck because he is my favorite (he was my first tsum purchased this past Valentines), Eeyore because he was originally a gift for my sister (her favorite character) and she didn’t really take to them like I do, Joy because my mom gave her to me as a senior night (volleyball) gift, and Dumbo and Tinker Bell because they were at my sort-of-local Disney store and they are two of my favorite characters.

I love my little stack. The next tsums on my list to get (maybe, eventually) are Jiminy Cricket, Mickey and Minnie (classic), and Sadness and Bing Bong from Inside Out because I LOVE THEM.

While I can see how people might think these things are useless, I beg to differ–they add a little bit of happiness to my room that I use strictly for sleeping and studying, two very mundane activities. No, they aren’t particularly “adult” either. I’m not really an adult, however; I’m moving to Disney World in eighty-four days, for goodness sakes. You can bet these little cuties are coming with me! They’ll be the perfect companions to stack on my dresser at the DCP and to bring to the parks for photo ops with their corresponding characters. Goodness. I can already imagine the cuteness. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, tsum-tastic day!


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