Gilmore Mania

Who else found that they could not contain their excitement over the announcement of the Gilmore Girls revival?

You guys. I was absolutely freaking out in the very best way possible. Here are some of my faces following the announcement:

“Oh my goodness, I love this show so stinking’ much.”

“I can’t wait to watch your four 90 minute episodes over and over again and cry my eyes out when I have to say goodbye yet again.”

“Oh my goodness, you guys. OUR GIRLS ARE COMING BACK!”

I’m just so happy–if you’ve been a reader for a while you have come to know my absolute love for this idyllic show. It got me through some hard times in my life, and to this day it is my mom’s, my sister’s, and my favorite show of all time. We can’t get enough.

To celebrate Netflix’s sorta set-in-stone vow to produce four 90 minute episodes of the Gilmore’s, I decided to share my top five favorite Gilmore moments of all time. Let’s get started:

#5: When Jess Basically Tells Rory to Get Her [You Know What] Together

In the middle of the darkest (in my opinion) season of Gilmore Girls, season 6, Rory has quit Yale and is doing nothing. It’s hard to believe, I know. Jess randomly (and blissfully) shows up and has written a novella, gotten a steady job in a publishing house, and is just as darkly handsome as ever. At the end of this episode, he finally says the very thing that Rory needs to hear: “What the heck are you doing with your life?!” [Wording not exact, but you get the point].

I’ve always loved Jess from the get-go, even when he was the “bad boy,” the brooding misunderstood genius. At this moment, I love him even more–he doesn’t coddle Rory, he tells it like it is.

And you know what’s awesome? Rory finally starts to get her you-know-what together.

You go, Jess.

#4: When Luke Does–Well, Everything

Luke Danes is such a good guy. Forget the romantic aspect between him and Lorelei (but don’t forget it either)–just think of all that he did over the course of the seven seasons we got to spend in Stars Hollow. Building a wedding huppa for Lorelei, even when she was planning to marry boring ol’ Max and not the steady, handsome, sweet Luke. Willing to do anything to get Rory back to Yale. Baking Rory a coffee cake for her sixteenth birthday. Being an awesome dad to April. And, finally, planning a going-away party for Rory when she gets her journalism job, his sewing of  the tarp to cover the town square and everything.

Luke just melts my heart, so much that I even named my car after him. He’s steady, reliable, and protective–Luke Danes wins.

#3: When Emily and Richard Recognize All that Lorelei Has Accomplished in her Life

Remember the very last episode? When Richard looks around and sees all of the people of Stars Hollow who have gathered to celebrate Rory and realizes how influential Lorelei is? And then he says this:

“It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this.” 

Richard Gilmore just always knew when to come around.

Then Lorelei tells Emily she’ll see her at Friday night dinner, and my heart just never can take it. Cue the tears, all of the tears. Long live the Gilmore’s, forever in our hearts.

#2: Rory Graduates College

That moment when Rory looks out into the audience, and Lorelei stands up and says “Yay, Rory!” and they lock eyes and little tears well up in the corners of both of their clear blue irises. Everything that they had ever worked for had happened, and, even if it hadn’t happened, they still would have each other. This is such an important moment in the world of Gilmore Girls–Rory would be nothing without her mother’s sacrifices, love, and friendship, and Lorelei wouldn’t be the Lorelei we know and love without her daughter. This is such a small moment, but it means so much in the realm of all things Gilmore.

#1: Rory’s Valedictorian Speech

Click here to watch this epic, loving speech in its entirety, and be prepared to blubber. This speech is the epitome of Rory and Lorelei’s relationship, and I can’t help but tear up every time I watch it. I feel that way about my mom, so I can relate completely to the words Rory says as she graduates top of her class.

Bonus: When Rory Assures Lorelei That She Had Given Her Everything She Needed

Ok, one more. When Rory gets her first “big girl” job and is about to embark on a presidential campaign to write for an online magazine, Lorelei is scrambling to give her last-minute advice in the very last moments of the very last episode. Rory stops her and says, “You’ve given me everything I need.”

And that, my friends, is a moment that never ceases to make me cry. In all of Lorelei’s imperfections, she’s done anything and everything for Rory, and Rory recognizes this. They are everything to each other.

The Gilmore girls make one more pit stop before the series ends, and the camera pans out as the audience sees them enjoying their last cup of coffee at Luke’s Diner.

Man oh man. I just love that show.

Looking Ahead

What do you think we’ll find out in the four 90 minute episodes? What do you want to find out has happened over the time we’ve been away from Stars Hollow? And what are your favorite moments from this beloved show?

I hope everyone has a wonderful, Gilmore-filled day!


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