Applying–Wishing, Working, and a Whole Lot of Pixie Dust

My DCP application process was stressful, exciting, and magical! I’m here to tell you about each step of my journey to becoming a [future] Walt Disney World character attendant.


I truly began my application process about two years ago, when I found out about the college program and dedicated my life after volleyball completely to it. I knew I couldn’t apply until my senior season of volleyball (this fall) because being a college athlete is a full-time job–there was no way I could miss a semester because we are either playing for a conference championship or working for a conference championship, and there was no in-between. To prepare myself for applying in the distant future, however, I dedicated some free time every month or so to scouring the internet for information on EVERYTHING: applying, the different roles the program offered, acceptance, what happened once you arrived, etc.

Researching became a full-time hobby around the Fall 2015 recruiting season (January of 2015). That is when I decided to truly prepare myself–I got a folder, printed out useful information on the application, WBI, and the phone interview (all found by Googling), and started practicing my phone interview answers, mostly by just having conversations with myself (mostly out loud to practice talking professionally and upbeat, no matter what I was asked) while I was trying to go to sleep or taking a shower. I suggest having these pretend conversations with yourself or with your friends or family often; come phone interview time I was just ready to have the opportunity to talk to my dream employer and I was able to talk naturally. I’m naturally an upbeat, well-spoken person (I would like to think) so these practice conversations were just a fun way to prepare and get excited about a potential opportunity! I wrote down all the roles and ranked them from “no interest” to “high interest” and decided on the ones I was going to really work for. I worked on my resume because I knew having one would help me know what I was qualified for and also might give me an edge come application day.

I’m a weirdo and a perfectionist, but I’d like to think my over-preparation worked.

Let’s Get Ready to Apply!

Applications dropped on Monday, August 24, 2015, my first day of classes. My original plan was to wait the second day to apply, but I just had a gut feeling to get it done that Monday night. I’m so glad I did–the next morning our internet connection was absolutely horrible. The application was straight forward and not complicated; afterwards, however, was a bit nerve-wracking. You have no idea if you are moving on to the next stage (the web-based interview) and you are in the hands of a Disney recruiter you have never met. I went to Walmart immediately after applying to get my mind off of my fate and to pick up some school supplies. While I was in Walmart, my WBI email came and I breathed a sigh of relief–I was moving on!


My experience with the web-based interview was nothing spectacular or dramatic–I took a deep breath, sprinkled “pixie dust” (glitter given to me by my momma and sister…it’s still coating my desk) on myself, and just answered honestly and as upbeat as possible. After about twenty-five minutes of answering questions, I was notified I had moved on to the Phone Interview stage, the part of the process I was most excited about. I was going to get to talk to people from Disney! This was a surreal moment; I felt like I was one step closer to making my dreams a reality, no matter the outcome.

Phone Interview 

I scheduled my phone interview for 9:15 AM (central time) on Thursday, August 27. I was up at 6:30 because I was so excited. I made myself a bowl of Mini Wheats, a cup of coffee in my Queen Elsa mug (my go-to lucky mug), and just listened to Disney music as I waited for my chance to converse with a Disney recruiter. At about 8:45 I was ready to go: my desk had one page of bullet point notes (I did not look at it once), a copy of my resume, and two signs my sister had made for me as a surprise. And pixie dust. LOTS OF PIXIE DUST. It was (and still is) everywhere. I just love it.

My phone rang at 9:11 AM, and I began the most magical conversation of my life. It was so incredible to get to talk about something I was truly passionate about. I made sure to include as much passion in my answers as possible, especially when asked what roles I felt like I was most qualified for. I wanted character attendant with all my heart, and I made sure my recruiter knew why I thought I would be fit for the job. I still can’t believe that is the role I got; I was honestly not expecting it and I couldn’t be happier.

My interview lasted for about 19-20 minutes, and I hung up knowing I did the very best I could. It was surreal that the thing that I had waited so long for had finally happened–I had applied and just spoken to a representative from the Walt Disney Company. I couldn’t stop smiling that day; Disney courtesy and magic are truly contagious.


After 22 days of waiting, I finally got my acceptance email (see previous post for more details). My dream had come true; I was getting the chance to be a Walt Disney World cast member! I can’t wait to make magic every single day, and possibly get my foot in the door with such an incredible company. My heart is so full, and now my free time is occupied with watching vlogs and literally crying because I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I hope everyone has a magical day!


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