Joyous Occasions

Hello, everyone! I hope this post finds you enjoying your Sunday, relaxing and recharging for the upcoming week!

I have so many things to be happy–no. Joyful–about today. It was inevitable that I reach for this mug as I contemplated the vessel for my Sunday caffeine fix:

Tomorrow I start my “sort-of” senior year of college. I’m a girl who loves, loves, loves school, so I’m practically jumping for joy at the thought of hitting the books again. I have also just finished my last college volleyball preseason–it was a week of three practices a day, including conditioning and weights, and I’m proud to say I did it all with a smile on my face. Preseason is always the hardest part of the job, and now I get to work my hardest day-in and day-out to compete and (hopefully) win a lot of games this year. I love volleyball and this past week has gotten me so, so, so excited for the season.

I’m hoping this week is also the beginning of something magical. Senior year is ridden with new opportunities to go after the things I want, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings me. Perhaps it will be everything I hoped for and more. Perhaps it will be nothing I expected but wonderful and right. Whatever happens in my life, I hope to attack each day with as much enthusiasm as Joy from Inside Out. Every day has the potential to be a great one, and I intend to try my best to bring out the best in every sunrise to sunset. There might be disappointments along the way, but there can always be a positive twist to every situation.

I hope everyone has a happy day, happy week, and a happy school year! Make today–and everyday–a great and joyous one.


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