Kaila’s Disney Tips: Character Interactions

My favorite part of any Disney vacation has got to be character interactions. Think about it–those characters you meet have stepped off of the screen and are right there, living, breathing, and interacting with you! It’s so fun; fantasy and reality feasibly intermix to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

I’m here today to give you some tips for making the most of those magical meet-and-greets:

Talk! And Talk! And Talk! 

Whenever you meet a Disney character (especially a face character) don’t be shy! They love to talk to you about anything and everything as long as it falls within the realm of their knowledge. Peter Pan, for example, doesn’t know about Universal Studios or cell phones or anything of the like. Strike up conversations and link back your topics to the movies they appear in for an extra special experience. Tell them what “kingdom” you’re from. If they are your favorite character, don’t be afraid to tell them so! Donald Duck always goes crazy when I tell him he’s my favorite. Keep in mind, furry characters must save their voice for their performances, but conversations with them can be just as fun with extra hugs and hand gestures.

Take Selfies and Candids

Capture your memories of your meet-and-greet with unique pictures! I love whipping out my cell phone and asking the character for a selfie. Last year, Peter Pan and I took the most glorious selfie, and he claimed my phone was a magic mirror.

Also, don’t be afraid to hand your phone over to a Cast Member. They’ll be happy to take pictures as you chat with the characters and will even try to capture a few candid moments. My favorite pictures are the ones of me directly interacting with the characters, goofy face and all.

Also, UTILIZE PHOTOPASS. It’s wonderful and you won’t be sorry.

Let Your Inner Disney Kid Shine 

No matter what your age, don’t be afraid to act like a complete goofball when meeting the characters. Character interactions are so magical; childlike giddiness is inevitable. There are no “cool kids” when it comes to interacting with Mickey–just go for it!

The Wait is Worth It

Don’t let the lines intimidate you when it comes to meeting the characters. It’s totally worth it, and the wait in line can even be enjoyable. I love talking to other guests when I’m waiting to chat with Alice or Tink. In some lines there are even cool things to look at. Just don’t think you are waiting in line for just a picture–meeting characters is so much more than that! You are talking to the Mickey, the Winnie the Pooh, the Cinderella–they’re celebrities! And you get to meet them! Take the time to wait; it’s so incredibly worth it.

There you have it! Some of my tips for making the most out of your character meet-and-greets in Disney World (or Disneyland). Bottom line when it comes to experiencing this type of Disney magic: have fun and enjoy the feeling you get when you’re hugging your favorite mouse.

Little me (16 years old) falling in love with my favorite dude, Donald Duck.

Little me meeting Eeyore and Tigger for the first time.

My Disney trip to celebrate my high school graduation, 2012. We love Piglet!

Best thing ever: dancing with pluto in front of the blue hat (R.I.P.) in Hollywood Studios on our latest trip, 2014.



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