Mourning the Animation Academy

Who didn’t love getting to draw a Disney character at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?! This attraction was one of my favorites, and I’m so sad to see it go. I only got the chance to draw two characters: the lovable Goofy and the classic Jiminy Cricket (one of my favorites) before Disney closed its doors.

Here’s a picture of me and the Jiminy I created during our visit last summer:

So HAPPY I was able to experience this attraction!


So SAD to see it go!

He’s just so cute!

Animation Academy was just so fun; I love the magical memories I made there. That whole building was the perfect way to cool off and meet some awesome characters, see some cool concept art, and try your own hand at creating a masterpiece. I loved meeting Sorcerer Mickey in this building; there’s something utterly magical about that blue hat.

Another one of my favorite memories from the Animation Academy was the waiting for the attraction’s doors to open. I got the chance to talk to a little girl all about her day: she was so excited about meeting Sofia the First, and she was happily talking my ear off about her experience. She was so precious and so excited. I loved talking to her and her family about their vacation. Disney families are special families–we can happily talk to complete strangers about all the fun to be made while vacationing at a Disney park.

I hope Walt Disney World considers opening back up the doors of the Animation Academy in some other location, somewhere. I loved being able to create my own free souvenir; our whole family loved it, in fact. Each one of our creations were the same but wildly different. The Animation Academy emphasized the unique quality to every piece, and it couldn’t be more apparent in my families’ creations. My grandma’s work of art was always slightly undersized, my mom’s pencil marks light yet confident, my sister’s character boldly outlined, and my own character outlined scratchily, my attempt at pure artistry.

Rest in peace, Animation Academy. Thanks for creating magical memories that I’ll never forget.


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