My Disney Pin Collection: “My First Visit” Edition

The very first of anything–first job, first kiss, first day of school–can be magical. A first visit to Disney World amps that magic up to an even higher degree. Everything is just so new and exciting and ideal; you’re overwhelmed with pixie dust and magical mice and real-life princesses. You get to wear the “My First Visit” button and all the cast members and characters warmly welcome you to that happy place. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing that castle for the very first time.

My first visit was in 2009. I was 16 and had always been a Disney kid, but my obsession with all things magical was solidified on that fateful visit. I felt an overwhelming desire to never want to leave and forget all the fun I had. I didn’t even want to think about having to wait three more years until we could return.

To counter those emotions, I bought this classic pin:

 Even though my fingers are covering the lettering, it says “My first visit to” at the top and “Walt Disney World” at the bottom. It has four icons from the four different parks (including the now-gone hat from Hollywood Studios!) and Mickey Mouse exuberantly gesturing his welcome. It epitomized the giddy feeling you inevitably got when wandering the parks, gaping in awe at the icons that were sure to greet you. It was the perfect little trinket to have and to hold to remember my favorite vacation ever–Disney World was truly the first time I had ever had so much fun on a summer vacation. Any stress I ever had just melted away. All that I had to worry about was which line to get in, which snack to taste, and which show to watch.

Obviously, I loved it.

Do you remember your first visit? Did you buy anything special to commemorate the experience? Feel free to comment down below; I love hearing other Disney stories.

I hope everyone has a magical day!





2 thoughts on “My Disney Pin Collection: “My First Visit” Edition

  1. My first visit to Disney World was when I was 7 years old. I have five siblings, and as you can imagine, my parents had their hands full. Not only was it me and four of my siblings, but my grandmother and two of my cousins went as well. Two things that I will never forget about the trip are being accused of stealing and almost dying.
    I have always been tall, and I was very tall for my age at 7, which meant I qualified to ride all the big rides. I was so excited! I could ride Space Mountain! Well, not long after the ride started did my enthusiasm fade. I was seated in front of my dad, it is single seats, and as the ride began to go faster, I began to fly upward. Yes, I was tall enough for the ride, but I was not heavy enough and I was flying out. My dad was holding on to me as I screamed for my life. It was an unforgettable ride. However, I still love roller coasters because I know that I was just too small for that one at that time.
    I was accused of stealing a toy from Disney World. You know the moment you find a toy or gadget that you just have to have and you ask your parents for it? Well, it was one of those moments. There was a vendor walking around with these cool flashlight toys that had a globe on top with Mickey Mouse inside, and I just had to have it! So I picked it up and turned around to ask my Mom for it, but when I turned my family was not there. I freaked out! I started running to find my family, and behind me security officers were running to grab the “stolen” merchandise. When I finally found my mom and dad, the security officers told them I had stolen the flashlight. I began to cry and tell them that they had left me behind. My parents bought it for me along with four other cool toys for my siblings. Now, every time I have friends or family over they talk about me stealing at Disney World when in reality I was a lost child looking for my family. I felt like Kevin from Home Alone and it was very frightening. It is something I will never forget.
    I love all things Disney, and I love Disney World. It is one of the most magical places.


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