My Pin Collection: Peter Pan’s Flight Edition

Pin collecting is a big deal among the Disney folk–and I mean “folk” as sort of a folk group, a group of people with their own lingo, traditions, ect. We truly are our own “folk,” and I take pride that I am consider myself a part of that magical Disney fan base.

I have a few pins, all bought on our first trip in 2009. We truly thought it was going to be our first and only trip (this is an extremely funny thing considering after that fateful visit I vowed to come as often as I could…three trips in 6 years later I’m always wanting to go back), so we bought any pins that represented our favorite Disney World rides/ characters, and resorts. It was an expensive endeavor, so we haven’t bought any since.

I still love them, however. Next time I go back (in the next year or so), I intend to try pin trading for the first time. I thought it would be fun to show off what I do have here on this little blog, one pin at a time.

Here is a pretty pin that is a depiction of the beloved Peter Pan’s Flight ride. Disney pins are so intricate, this one included: it has an iridescent sparkle, and Peter and the Darlings are able to spin around as if they are in flight.

I got the Peter Pan shirt at Hot Topic.

I love this ride so much. The flying pirate ship is so whimsical, the scene of London’s skyline at night is so cool, and the ride is an artful representation of Disney’s classic film. I can’t wait to see the new queue that greets guests on our next visit. I love the thought of taking a stroll through the Darlings’ playroom.

So, my friends, let’s take a cue from Peter today and “think happy thoughts!” Thinking positively is the “same as having wings,” so why not spread your wings and fly today?

Remember, “faith, trust, and pixie dust!” I hope all of you have a magical day.


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