Destin Delights and Dazzles

Nice alliteration, huh?

I’ve spent the last few days in one of the most beautiful places in the world; Destin, Florida, boasts of snow-white sand and an emerald coast. The ocean routinely sparkles in the sun’s glow, and the weather is gorgeous and temperate. Here are a few pictures so that you may drool:


We were in town visiting my grandparents, and no beautiful scenery could compare to their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Don’t you love it when a person takes the time to learn what makes your heart happy? And don’t you also love it when that person (or people in my case) goes above and beyond to do the little things to make you smile?

Those little things for me included a trip to the Disney Store, Fig Newtons placed in my room upon arrival, a delicious ice cream cone, and a decadent key lime pie.


The pretty mug that I picked out at the Disney Store. It was so nice of my gradmother to take me there.

So nice and so thoughtful; those little things truly make for a grateful and appreciative heart. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip [insert my grandparents’ names here].

Let’s talk more about Destin’s attributes. Like I said, the scenery is gorgeous, truly. I love lounging on the beach, tearing into the pages of a dog-eared book, comfortable in the shade of an umbrella (I’m really pale so shade is a must). A trip down 30 A, the local scenic highway, is also a must. The narrow highway is lined with picturesque multi-colored houses and funky shops with eclectic items nestled on their shelves.

So very cool.

Destin is a beautiful beach destination–clean, charming, and perfect for any beach goer. There are also things to do for the avid shopper–Destin Commons, Baytowne Warf Village, and a abundant outlet mall (with a Kate Spade Outlet…your drooling may commence) line the Main Street that snakes through Destin. A plethora of junky (in the best way) souvenir shops also litter the town, making it easy for the vacationer to pick up those beloved refrigerator magnets and postcards.

Now it’s on to the real world once more–summer workouts, getting my life together, and the daydreaming and writing that occurs in between.

Thanks for a wonderful time Destin, Florida. Your white beaches and glittering shoreline made for an excellent change.


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