Cinderella’s Castle–Excuse Me. “Mug.”

Happy “Mug Shot Monday!” I love the idea of starting off the week with a good cup of coffee in a happy little mug.

I love this Cinderella castle mug–I got it for only ten dollars on the Disney Store website! It’s gorgeous and reminds me of Cinderella’s greatest attributes–optimism, kindness, and courage. What a wonderful way to start the day. Who doesn’t love a good dose of Cinderella’s dreams coming true? The castle is a symbol of her dreams becoming a reality, so this mug is a wonderful tool perfect for visualizing your own dreams coming true.

Visualizing is key, my friends. Picture what you want, work for what you want, and then bask in your success. And if that success doesn’t come, know that it is ok. “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” and your heart can never run out of dreams.

Have a magical monday, everyone!


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