Tunes to Fuel Your Run/Workout

I am a college athlete. I work out. A lot.

Music is definitely the fuel for my workouts, the one thing that helps distract me from the sweat dripping down my forearms (I’m a notoriously heavy sweater when I work out). Music inspires me as I make my way through my runs and my weight lifting; lyrics have a way of igniting my soul and passion and focusing my energy on the task at hand. Music can help me focus on the goals I’m pursuing, be it in athletics or in life.

My playlist is anything but conventional, however. Remember, I’m a Disney freak/ musical junkie/ Top 40/ a sprinkle of rap kind of girl. I’m not big on the typical “pump-up” songs. I like songs that either carry me away into a story or help me concretely focus on my goals. My favorite workout music definitely varies. The music I listen to as I complete my workouts include music that ranges from slow ballads to epic finale numbers. I’m not kidding.

Here are some of my favorite songs to run/workout to at the moment:

  • “Go The Distance” from Hercules. Such a good song. Goosebumps, I tell you!
  • “I Can Do Better Than That” from The Last Five Years (movie) soundtrack. Anna Kendrick slays.
  • “Still Hurting” from The Last Five Years (movie) soundtrack. Anna Kendrick pulls at the heart-strings. I can imagine the entire story behind this song, so whatever running/lifting I am doing is a little easier with this gem.
  • “Immortals” by Fallout Boy. Yes, it’s from Big Hero 6, and it’s awesome. My one true favorite “pump-up” song at the moment.
  • “Strong” from the credits of Cinderella (2015). I’m unsure of the artist, but I just love this song.
  • “On My Way” from the musical Violet. I love the latest version sung by Sutton Foster, another Broadway queen I admire.
  • “See You Again” from the Wreck it Ralph soundtrack. So peppy.
  • “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. All time favorite musical with my all time favorite Broadway queen. I literally (Chris Traeger voice…ten points to you if you caught the reference) get goosebumps during my run when this song starts to play. All the feels accompany this song. Love you, Idina.
  • “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. Solid Top 40 song.
  • “Finale” from the show Fantasmic in Walt Disney World. “Some Imagination, Huh?”
  • “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” from the Carousel of Progress in Walt Disney World. So positive. So wonderful. It makes me want to better myself for the good of tomorrow.

With the right music, you can learn to enjoy (or tolerate) your workouts as well! If you enjoy a good pump-up song, go for it. If you tend to listen to symphonies as you run, don’t feel self-conscious when you’re on that treadmill in the gym. Do what’s best for you. Even if it means blaring “Anything Goes” (from the musical Anything Goes) as you do your squats next to a very intimidating dude with muscles popping unnaturally out of his shirt. That example was based on a true story.


Have a wonderful day, my friends! I hope my eclectic playlist inspires you to get moving and to get inspired by the music you choose. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect in your athletic endeavors. You just have to make the decision to try.

Happy sweating!

Still smiling after my run, drenched in sweat and listening to my tunes.



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