Main Street, USA

My love for Main Street, USA in Walt Disney World runs deep. I’m talking really deep.

My first memory of my favorite place consists of being overwhelmed by the amount of stimulation that was present as my little unsuspecting family strolled into the park–balloons, the Dapper Dans, greetings from the Mayor, the sweet aroma drifting from the confectionary. People were smiling. I was smiling for undetermined reasons; everyone was smiling around me, why shouldn’t I? As we rounded the corner, I caught my very first glimpse of the castle.

It took my breath away; it truly did.

The show Dream Along With Mickey was being conducted in front of Cinderella’s castle, and it was my first taste of Disney magic. I cried, of course, but at the time I was a shy sixteen-year old; I remember flipping down my sunglasses so nobody would see the tears in my eyes. It was an emotion that I couldn’t explain at the time. I just cried because the message was so beautiful, so simple, I guess: “Dreams come true.”

Main Street has been the location of some of my favorite memories, including the one above. Watching Festival of Fantasy last summer was dazzling and so rewarding (it was on the last day of our vacation that we finally got to see it; it was rained out the previous days), watching Wishes, and standing in the middle of the street late at night, a Disney Parks merchandise bag stowed under my arm, watching the color-changing castle bid me goodnight.

I also cried during that particular incident–I’m quite the emotional person, can’t you tell?

Main Street just encapsulates the pure joy and nostalgia of days gone by. It’s the picturesque version of any small town main street. It’s iconic and utopian. The smells are both overwhelming and welcome–the pungent scent of freshly brewed coffee drifts from the Starbucks/bakery, the sugary sweet smells of candied apples, rice crispy treats, and other goodies from the Confectionary offer their fragrance to the experience, and the perfectly greasy scent of fries and hotdogs makes your mouth water.

Main Street, in short, is just perfect.

Here’s two of my favorite pictures of my sister and me on Main Street (They are both a “picture of a picture” because our photo pass photos are no longer on any of our computers):

Pure joy.


Main Street is simply magical after dark.

We both love it on Main Street, as you can see.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little ode to Main Street; I have a feeling it’s just not my favorite place in the whole world. It’s the gate way to the lands of “yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy”; of course it has to be simply magical.


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