My Disney Side

Since a lot of you are Disney freaks like me–this is a good thing, an excellent thing–I would like to get to know you and your “Disney Side.” Since I’ve joined the Disney fandom, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Disney people” are some of the best people. We believe in magic, possibilities, and the importance of family. We know that just wishing on stars won’t cut it; you have to work and keep the faith. Every time I enter Walt Disney World, I sense an immediate camaraderie among everyone there.

In short, Disney people (much like my English major people…hi guys) are my kind of people.

I think it would be fun if I shared some of my favorite Disney things, the likes and interests that ultimately make up my “Disney Side.” When referencing parks and whatnot, I’ll only be referring to Walt Disney World. I haven’t been to Disneyland, but it’s definitely on the bucket list.

  • Favorite Park: The Magic Kingdom. So classic. So happy. So perfect. Main Street, USA, is my absolute favorite place in this world.

If you ever want to take a picture like this, just ask the balloon vendors; they will happily oblige.

  • Favorite Attraction: Splash Mountain. I don’t know what it is, but I love riding along and witnessing the mischievous going-ons of Brer Rabbit and the whole Brer gang. I’m actually familiar with the Uncle Remus stories (a big thank you to my Intro to American Literature class), so I love seeing Disney’s adaptation come to life in “ride” form.
  • Favorite “Fab Five” Character: Donald Duck. He has my heart. See picture below:

This is one of my top “magical moments” on a Disney vacation. Dancing with Donald Duck will forever be the coolest thing.

  •  Favorite Princess: That’s so incredibly hard. I love Mulan because she kicks butt, Tiana because she knows the value of work ethic, and Elsa because I can relate so much to her. To read a previous post on my beloved Elsa, click here. I also love Belle because she is a bookworm.
  • Favorite Disney Movie: So hard. I love Frozen because of the whole “sisterly love” thing. But I love Mulan because of the “woman saves China in a time where women were valued as nothing” thing. And I love Maleficent and Cinderella (2015). It’s so hard to pick just one!
  • Favorite Character That isn’t an Animal or Princess: Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Click here and read so my love for Alice can be aptly expressed.
  •  Favorite Disney Food: Rice Crispy treats that are Mickey-shaped. During my last visit, some were in the Shape of Maleficent’s head. I found both versions rather tasty and magical.
  • Favorite Show at the Parks: Wishes. I can’t express this enough. So much love for Wishes. 
  • Favorite Disney Song: Probably the hardest question of all. I love to sing (I’m not talented or anything, I just love carrying a little tune or two) so I always have my iPhone playing Spotify or my own Disney music. Some of my favorites: “Let it Go,” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” “Almost There,” “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and “Go the Distance.” Again, these are just some of my favorites. I also always get chills when the “Finale” from Fantasmic plays on my Spotify.
  • Favorite “Obscure” Character: Jiminy Cricket or Dumbo. I just can’t help but love them.
  •  Favorite Disney Prince: Flynn Rider is hilarious and possibly the most good-looking animated character this whole world has ever known.
  • Favorite Disney Collectible: Mugs. Give me all the Disney mugs. If you want to see some of my collection, browse the “Mug Shots” category located in the menu above.
  • Favorite Quintessential Disney Scene: I have a few. Of course. I get chills when Ariel sings “Part of Your World.” I bawl when Carl from Up flips through his “My Adventure Book” and sees the note from Ellie. My heart pounds when Mulan flings the arrow down to the ground at the conclusion of the musical number of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” I sing along to the lantern scene in Tangled and marvel at the animation. My heart soars when Peter Pan exclaims, “Off to Never Land!” and cuts through the sky on a clear London night.

Ok. I had more than a few.

I feel like this is a solid list–I’d like to think my Disney favorites reflect who I am sans the Mickey Ears. I value family over anything else, cherish work ethic as a cornerstone of my existence, and whole heartedly believe in childlike wonder and innocence.

Just Disney dreaming.

So, my friends, what’s your “Disney side?”


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