Pitch Perfect 2 was genius. Absolute nonsensical genius.

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. I physically slapped my knee. I clapped my hands in that way everyone who wants to exude the inevitable feeling of “this is so funny I just got to slap together my extremities otherwise I might implode from my inability to show you how funny this is.”

I decided to head to the local theater on a Thursday night at 7:20; it was the theater’s first showing of this glorious movie so the room was packed with college kids, gangly high schoolers, and a few middle-agers who had the most infectious, cackling laughs. Every time something really funny happened, my claps and knee slaps were accompanied by these hearty chortles. Their hearty chortles made my heart happy.


As I sat with two of my friends on either side of me, I savored the feeling of being at a quasi-premiere with a bunch of random people who love the Barden Bellas as much as I do; we were all in this together, and laughing as loud as you could in a public place was not only tolerated, it was mutually encouraged. I think seeing these types of movies with a whole bunch of people is an essential part of what makes these movies so much fun. And, believe me, it was so much fun.

Pitch Perfect (the first movie) is near and dear to my heart. The first installment came out my freshman year of college–most of the Barden Bellas were freshmen back then, and I could relate. The soundtrack to the first movie was my personal soundtrack to many car rides, study sessions, and moments in the locker room shared with my teammates and friends. I memorized all of the words to the many mashups . I could quote almost the entire movie. My roommate constantly had the movie playing on the tiny screen of the TV I painstakingly bought with my graduation money. I learned how to do the cup song with a Tervis tumbler. I spent a good hour and a half getting it down and then gleefully ran to my teammate’s dorm room down the hall to proudly display my cup-tapping skills.

Pitch Perfect forever, man.

I was so incredibly happy to find out that the second installment didn’t disappoint. It might even be better than the first.

Go see this fun movie. There is no other word to aptly describe it: fun. It was so nice to sit back and not flex my intellectual ability to analyze. I was just able to relax and tap my foot along to the acapella melodies and let loose a few hearty chortles.

There. I admit it–my laughs are right on up there with the cackling laughs of middle-agers. Did I mention I just turned 22? I must be getting old.

In short, Pitch Perfect 2 was “aca-awesome.”

Now go see it, you “pitches.”


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