The Perks of Small College Towns

I love where I go to school.

The school is small, the town is small, and the class sizes are small. I’m sure many couldn’t learn to love all the quintessential quaintness that I have come to adore, but I could care less.

I like to believe I live in my own little version of Stars Hollow (if you don’t get this reference, go watch Gilmore Girls NOW). Everyone is so friendly that it’s slightly insane. When I’m driving down the street, strangers will almost always nod their heads and raise a finger or two (no obscene gestures here) in the typical friendly small-town manner. I always drive off and think, “Do I know them?”

Our college is the heart and soul of our little town. It’s incredible–the town loves us and we love the town. Flyers for events going on at the college plaster the windows of Main Street’s many small-businesses. Except for a few fast food restaurants, there are only local eateries. On each table in most places, a card informs what is going on in the town and in the college during the month. You need to plan your busy schedule and litter it with social events? Head to a local hotspot and browse the many quaint events going on in the community.

Guys. It’s so much like Stars Hollow, and that just makes me incredibly happy.

Homecoming is an event, I tell you. The whole town gets involved. Main Street shuts down for the parade, and student athletes become celebrities for the entire week.

Bliss. Pure bliss.

No, I didn’t choose a huge university famous for a rowdy student section, or an expensive Greek life, or classes the size of my entire university. Don’t get me wrong; I think a huge college experience would have been great in a different way. Instead, I chose a home away from home, a place where everybody knows your name (at least in my English department, anyway). I chose a place where I could play the sport I love and get involved in the student body. I chose a town that backs the university one hundred percent. I chose a home that makes me feel as if  I am safe constantly driving me to participate outside of my comfort zone.

Will I stay here forever? No. Probably not. I have very big dreams to pursue, and who knows where those dreams will take me. But this small college town has been the perfect experience for me. I love feeling like a bigger fish in a smaller pond–I’m succeeding, I’m thriving. Even when I become a teeny tiny insignificant fishy in the immense pond I like to call adulthood, I know that I will be prepared thanks to the supportive small college town that I have chosen.

The NCAA Division II’s slogan used to be “I chose Division II.” I love it. I really did choose this experience, and I’m better for it.

I can proudly say, “I chose Division II,” and I have loved every second of my college life.


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