Where Are You, Spring?

Mother Nature has been cruel to us this winter.

She’s teased us with beautiful 70 degree weather, and then slammed some ice and snow days down our throats. The wind has been merciless, and the cold has been biting.

Snow days are great, don’t get me wrong. I’m just ready for the warm embrace of spring to arrive so that she can melt the icy ground and transform the dead, dreary horizon into a warm, dewy, and green landscape of wonderfulness. Oy vey. My descriptions need some work.

Anyways. I’m ready for long jogs outside. I’m ready for tank tops and sunshine. I’m ready for track season, even though I’m no longer in high school and definitely don’t run track anymore. Spring just always reminds me of track season: the smell of the turf and the new grass, the boost in outdoor physical activity, and the bipolar nature of spring itself. Track meets were always either cold, windy, or perfect; there was no in-between.

Spring. You are missed. We are ready for you. We want your sunshine and your thunderstorms and your flowers. We want the tantalizing feeling of the freedom on the horizon. We want to get outside in your weather and sweat and play voluntarily.

In the meantime, my friends, try to squeeze some enjoyment out of the snow that continues to come and the ice that insists on sticking around. Maybe pretend it’s Christmas; this weather is definitely appropriate for some Christmas cheer! Or maybe just blame the lingering cold weather on Elsa; putting a Disney spin on everything makes things more enjoyable, right?

Have a happy, cold, and exciting Oscar Sunday, folks! Try and stay warm, and keep the hope of an inevitable spring in your hearts!

“What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of winter?” {John Steinbeck}


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