Take Me to Disney

When your week is busy and life keeps throwing papers and tests and workouts at your face, I suggest taking a trip down memory lane, specifically to any trips you’ve ever taken to Disney World. Ever.

A smile breaks apart your sullen lips, your nose longs for the smell of the Main Street Confectionary, and you start singing some Disney tunes. Life gets a little more magical and a lot less stressful. I even suggest donning your sparkly Mickey ears for ten minutes at least; I feel like outfits are just more “complete” when you sport some of those iconic little beauties (10 points to you if you know what ride I’m referencing).

I love looking at old pictures from when I visited Disney World–I’ve been three times, and it is by far my most favorite place in the entire world.

Enjoy some of images of my trips to  the most magical place on earth! Remember, there’s a “great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day,” even if that day brings some unwanted stress and chaos.





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