I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl. I was babysitting–instead of all the sporty controversy, I was playing hide and seek and having a great time with some awesome kiddos.

But I heard about the “Like a Girl” commercial. And I watched it.

You guys. I cried. Absolutely bawled. When that little girl came onto my computer screen and answered the question “What does ‘run like a girl’ mean to you?” I wanted to stand up and applaud her intelligent-beyond-her-years answer:

“It means to run as fast as you can.”

It reminded me of myself as a little girl. I was so confident, so sure of myself, and I knew I could do anything! Anything at all. I could beat the boys in a race, and I scored the most points in coed basketball games. I knew I was worth something–my family loved me, I loved myself, and I wanted to go places.

It really is incredible how your self-confidence can change as you evolve from a little, go-getter girl into an unsure, unsteady teen and young adult. Confidence becomes crippling self-scrutiny. I’ve been battling with self-criticism, but this commercial just made me feel so empowered.

That little girl inspired me. She just wants to run “as fast as you can.” I woke up this morning and decided to attack the day like that little girl. During weights this morning, I lifted “like a girl”–stronger than I’ve ever been, always becoming my best self. During my classes, I analyzed literature “like a girl”–confident in my analysis and convictions, speaking with an unwavering voice in front of the class.

I think it’s amazing that they aired a commercial that is attempting to change an insult to a compliment, enabling girls to be the awesome little girls that they are! Yes, throw like a girl, because you are strong and capable. Run like a girl, because you are running as fast as you can which is an accomplishment in itself. Do things like a girl, because you are a girl and girls are freaking awesome.

Thank you, thank you for this commercial. Because of this commercial, I’m going to aspire to have that confidence I did as a little girl, thinking I could take on the world at any moment. Why not be the person that your littlest, most innocent self aspired to be? It’s time to #LiveLikeAGirl.


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