Under the Weather

I hate feeling sick.

Every Christmas break I always get a little under the weather–I think I finally relax for the first time in months, and my defenses against illnesses seem to let their guard down. It’s like a personal little Christmas gift: cough, headaches, achey limbs, involuntary sneezing and a loss of my voice. It’s like clock work. Every. Single. Year.

Here are some of my tips for overcoming Christmas break’s inevitable failing immune system:

*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor. I’m an English major. So these are mostly personal remedies that I think are pretty nifty.

  • Honey and lemon. My mother swears by it. Just heat up a spoonful of honey and a dash of lemon in the microwave, and let the tart stickiness slide down your throat and do its magic.
  • Sweat it out. As a student athlete, I know I can’t take a full break during the holidays, so even when I get a little sick (I’m talking about a little cold, not the plague or anything), I try to fit in a modified sweat session. I know I can’t go all out when I’m sick, but sometimes I feel so much better after I sweat out some toxins.
  • Sleep. This one comes harder for me–see my post entitled “Insomnia.” But it’s important, apparently.
  • Distraction. A good book, some movies, your dogs. Utilize your favorite things to distract you from your seasonal discomforts.
  • Water. This is important all of the time, but it really helps when you’re sick.
  • Hot Diet Dr. Pepper and lemon. This might sound weird, but it works. When your chest is tight and congested, just heat up some Diet Dr. Pepper with a dash of lemon juice in the microwave for 45 seconds. Drink up–it makes me feel so much better, and really soothes and loosens my cough. My mom has given me this concoction since I was little; it’s not a sick day unless I have it.

These are just some of the things that help me feel better–of course, see a doctor when your sick. Or a witch doctor. Or a shaman. Anyways.

If you’re anything like me for the past couple of days, grab some hot Diet Dr. Pepper with some lemon and get a good night’s rest. You have a new semester to prepare for!


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