“Nice is Different Than Good”

I saw Into The Woods yesterday…and the day before.

I absolutely LOVED it. I’m such a musical fan, and when a musical can encompass both fairytales and smart little lessons, count me in as one of its biggest fans.

The whole cast was fabulous, the whole soundtrack is wonderful, and I am now obsessed with the song “No One is Alone”–someone is always on your side, and, then again, someone else is not. I just love when lyrics of a song–little hidden poems of wisdom–convey so simply the facts of life you never even thought about. Little Red Riding Hood, after her encounter with “Mr. Wolf,” can frankly say, “Nice is different than good.” This. Is. So. True.

There are millions, billions, of “nice” people in this world–but just because someone is “nice,” it doesn’t mean they are intrinsically good. Good people do what is right. Good people try to be good. As my Into the Woods characters sing so beautifully: “Witches can be right. Giants can be good. You decide what’s right. You decide what’s good.”

If you haven’t heard this song (“No One is Alone”), please look it up. I just love it so much.

I feel like some of my favorite musicals convey a similar theme. Wicked, for example, confirms that just because someone is called “Glinda the Good,” a mere title doesn’t make them a good person–of course, Glinda comes around in the end…sort of. Everyone has the potential to be good–you just have to decide to be good for yourself. Wicked also was one of the first examples of a misunderstood villain/hero I’ve ever encountered–I felt like I was Elphaba, always striving to “make good” yet always feeling as if I had fallen short. That’s another thing about good people: they try so hard to be good, even if they mess up along the way.

Anyways. See Into the Woods. Not only is it Disney, but it is also an adaptation of a musical that has easily become one of my favorites of all time. This is saying something, because I am definitely a musical junkie. Get lost in the rich songs that tell of what it means to be good, and assures you that you will never be alone. I loved it. Go see it.



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