Finals, Finals, Finals

To be honest, my friends, finals have never really freaked me out.

As I scroll through Twitter and Yik Yak and Instagram recently, I see the familiar rant–finals are horrible, I have so much stuff to do, if I don’t get this so and so grade, it’ll ruin my life forever, yadi yada.

Now, let’s take a breath.

Finals aren’t too bad if you really think about it. You take a few tests, hope for the best, and then at the end of all your hard work, you get to journey home for Christmas break–practically a month of sleeping and working out (if you’re a student athlete, like me), seeing old friends, and hanging with family. Finals are just a tiny little mound we have to cross in order to enjoy the downhill slide toward Christmas bliss.

For English majors, like me, finals are a time to take a break from reading and writing so darn much. I have been reading recreationally, and it’s just so nice–I can read what I want anytime I want for the first time since summer. We get to just sit back during dead week and prepare for the essay tests we will be composing. We get to watch Netflix more and more frequently. Of course, we have to fit in a little studying–I’m all about striving to do my very best.

Finals week–every college student’s worst nightmare. Instead of making it the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” however, let’s create a sweet little daydream instead. Savor the coffee you sip while you study. Do a little dance every time you turn in a test. Play Christmas music as you stare at your textbook. Get excited for the much-needed hibernation to come.

We can do this, college students. You can do this! I believe in each and every one of you.


2 thoughts on “Finals, Finals, Finals

  1. You definitely are going to a different school and taking a different course of study from me!!
    We math majors NEVER had time for recreational reading…ESPECIALLY before exams!!!!!! But I still love reading your blog!😘


    • It’s the nice little invention called “Dead week”… Teacher’s aren’t allowed to assign anything to read/write a few days before the final exam. 🙂 gives us English majors a break from the depressing (yet inspiring and beautifully written) classics that we endure all semester. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading my blog, Crawford and Papa! I’m so glad you like it!


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