“Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself”

Isn’t it funny how a little quote can get your mind racing and your heart inspired?

I found this nice little quote while perusing the Zulily shopping app last night, a guilty little pleasure of mine. It was a print I found in the “For the home” section–a glossy, simple print with messy letters and artfully placed smudges and imperfections.

I could care less about the design of the thing. I fell in love with what this decorative piece had to say.

I am all about being independent. I’m single right now, which is honestly the best thing for me at the moment. I can focus on myself and myself alone, be a little selfish when it comes to doing the things like to do. Nothing is tying me down after I graduate–I can go anywhere and do anything without having to compromise or justify myself. Of course, I don’t plan to swear off men forever. Every little girl dreams of marrying the man of her dreams, her own prince charming.

I just don’t need a prince charming at this very moment. I’ve got all the time in the world.

I am in no way saying being in a relationship is a bad thing–I think it’s an amazing thing if it makes you truly happy and content. I just don’t feel the need for a relationship at this precise moment in my life.

Now. I didn’t just derive the word “independence” from this quote–it’s just one of the few things that started circulating my thought process when I happened upon one of my new favorite mantras. Here are the some of the other facets I believe successful women possess:

  • Belief in oneself. You and you alone have the power to write your own incredible, fulfilling life story. You have to believe you can create a bestseller.
  • Bravery. Being successful means being brave enough to try. And fail.
  • Work ethic. Working your tail off day in and day out for the things you want.
  • A voice. Having the gall to know what you want and what you believe in.
  • Knowing that you’re on your own, for the most part. Your parents and loved ones want your dreams to come true, but the rest of the world could care less. Go for it anyway.
  • Loving yourself. Every little bit of yourself.

I think that last bit is the key to acquiring those characteristics I listed before–how can you go after what you want without loving who you are and what you’re becoming?

I’ve been into watching Sex and the City lately–definitely not for the, well, scandalous bits. What I can’t help but love is Carrie Bradshaw and her authentic voice when she writes. Some of the bits of wisdom that come out of that show amaze me. As I was thumbing through Pinterest tonight, I came across a classic Carrie quote:

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” 

This. I feel like this is exactly what I feel when trying to explain all the thoughts that accumulated when I came across my Zulily find (that I didn’t purchase, by the way–self control at its best). To be successful–and not successful in the conventional money, husband, white-picket fence kind of way, but in a way that you are the own judge of your success–you have to first find yourself and become the person that you and only you want to be. A woman must be her own biggest fan when pursing her dreams.

“Behind every successful woman is herself.” Be your own advocate when it comes to your life. Drive your own car. Write your own story. Be yourself, because only you know what you want. And if you find a person along the way that “love[s] the you that you love,” that’s great.

What makes life fabulous, however, is achieving–no, make that striving for–happiness and success without compromising yourself and what you want.

Be fabulous, my friends. I’ll try and do the same.


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