Black Friday’s Not So Bad

Black Friday has come and gone, but its effect it has on American society cannot be more palpable.

I’ve always heard horror stories. People being trampled and brawls in the electronic aisle and the crowds that suck the holiday spirit right out of you. I had never really wanted to Black Friday shop. But I always knew there had to be a certain appeal to the whole process.

The deals. The flurry of anticipation as you don your game face and prepare to battle the crowds for the best prices. The cup of Starbucks (in the trademark holiday hue)  to power you through your day of hustling and bustling. The genuine elation you experience after finding things and gifts you actually like at a gratifying 50% off. The want you inevitably feel as you are drawn to the glitz, the glam, the new.

American consumerism is a funny thing. We, as a country, give thanks for everything we  have on the Thursday before this hallowed day. The next day, we throw ourselves into the fray and buy stuff. Just more and more stuff.

After experiencing it, however,  I honestly cannot help but love the entire process.

This year was the first year my family and I even attempted to go Black Friday shopping. We actually did most of the “Black Friday” purchasing on Thanksgiving, since most of the stores these days seem to think it logical to start the madness earlier and earlier each year. We hit maybe three or four stores and the crowds did not disappoint. We waited in line to purchase our picks for what seemed like forever. The funny thing is, I was completely jovial throughout the whole process, and I am usually a notoriously grumpy shopper.

Black Friday can be fun, people!

The planning! The holiday decorations! The glitz! The sparkles! The deals! The teamwork!

Black Friday is a rush. An absolute thrilling rush. Even though the whole enterprise seems like a money-driven, greed-laden pit of shopping madness, I had so much fun spending time with my loved ones scoping out some great deals. I believe Black Friday has gotten a rotten rep after all these years–“ruining the true spirit of Christmas,” the whole bit. While I agree to some extent, I can’t help but think Black Friday has the potential to highlight some of the best parts of the Christmas season. The time spent with my family was truly the best deal I acquired while shopping. This year will forever go down in history as the year we decided to venture from our holiday cocoon of coziness and fall in step with those who have known the magic of Black Friday all along.

Thanks for a great time, Black Friday. Until next year. XOXO.


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