Snow Days

Today was a glorious day, filled with Grey’s Anatomy, California Pizza Kitchen oven pizza, a mid-afternoon sip of marshmallow lover’s hot chocolate, a two-mile jog in my university’s Wellness Center, and snow.

I just love those mundane, uneventful days that suddenly turn into a day filled with a lot of little special moments. I feel refreshed and raring to go thanks to this happy snow day–homework’s done, candles are burning, the blankets are cozy. Thanksgiving break is just a short eight days away. Eight days! How could I contain my excitement?

More reasons I love snow days:

  • No school. It’s just so nice to have a break every once in a while.
  • A built-in excuse to be lazy/indulge in leisure.
  • Hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Breaking out the Christmas movies. Miracle on 34th Street, anyone?
  • Catching up on your Netflix shows, because that is of the utmost importance.
  • Knowing that there’s a little winter wonderland right outside your window.
  • Taking a stroll through that winter wonderland and feeling the snow delightfully crunch beneath your red Sperry snow boots.
  • Giggling to yourself when you see someone stumble clumsily on the newly formed ice.
  • Laughing at yourself when you inevitably do it too.

Gotta love those snow days.


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