Baymax= The Cutest Thing You Ever Did See

Big Hero 6, the newest film from Disney Animation Studios, was adorable. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was just absolutely adorable and action-packed and sweet and heartwarming and just plain cute.

Baymax, the film’s “huggable marshmallow” robot-dude, was a key component to making this film as enjoyable as I found it. Without Baymax, the plot wouldn’t have appealed to me as it did, and the science-fiction and high-tech jargon would have been completely lost on me.

Just everything about Baymax made me swoon.

The way he walks… so careful and slow and deliberate. So cute. When he runs, he bounces almost like he’s on the Moon, and he squeaks with every little movement like a giant balloon animal. How could one not be won over by Baymax, the gentle giant?

The fixed expression on his little face also adds to his lovability. The way he innocently reacts to the world around him–think chasing butterflies in high-tech fighting gear and patching up his inflatable exterior with a role of tape–just makes you want to squeeze the life out of the big guy. Of course, Baymax would immediately and adorably correct my last sentence: “I cannot be alive. I am a robot.”  His fixed verbal expressions are also lovable: “Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.”

Can you say heart eyes?

The film was also a success due to its colorful, wonderfully nerdy cast of characters, my favorites being the bean-pole beauty that loves chemical reactions, Honey Lemon, and the less-than-brave-but-totally-relateable laser-obsessed Wasabi. Funny names, yes, but characters that personally touched me in some way or another. Hiro, the films main protagonist, is also likable–he starts out as a little punk but eventually blooms into a mature boy genius with the help of his brother Tadashi (tears) and, of course, Baymax.

I’ll conclude my little review here; I don’t want to give too much away. Just know that this is yet another triumph from my beloved Disney, and I’ll be doodling little Baymax’s in my notes for the next couple of weeks at least.

He’s just so darn cute.


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