Love. Your. Self.

YOU are awesome. Yes. YOU.

I know it’s kind of a “thing,” a “trend” if you will, to be all about “body peace” and positive body image. Meghan Trainor’s catchy tune “All About That Base” is just an example of this little trend catching on, which I think is just awesome–yes, there’s always room for improvement, but why not love the skin you’re in at this very moment? You’re the only “you” out there…own it.

When I began this post, however, I didn’t want to convey the message, “just love the physical aspect of yourself.” By all means, love everything about your appearance– like Meghan says, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

What I want you guys to really love is your essence–your deepest self, your mind, your likes, your dislikes, your quirks, your tendencies to trip over things and stumble over your words, or your tendencies to walk into a room and really capture everyone’s attention. I want you to love your smile, the way you talk too loudly, your habit of bursting into song at a moment’s notice. I want you to show off your Disney side, or your sporty side, or your nerdy side, or your supermodel side, or whatever side you wish the whole world to see without a dash of uncertainty. Dress the way you like, read the things that interest you, see the movies that tickle your fancy.

All of your likes and tendencies make you the very core of who you are. Just love everything about yourself–you are unique, awesome, amazing, wonderful! Do this, of course, by showing respect to those who differ from you, who don’t think the way you do, and just seem just plain strange to you.

Be a nice human and love every aspect of yourself. It’s really that simple.

Of course, I struggle with this concept every single day–I know I’m an odd person through and through. I think way too much. I over-analyze everything. I feel this constant need and desire to be perfect. I’m clumsy. I smooth my ponytail when I am uncomfortable. I sometimes feel like I can’t carry on a normal conversation because I am worried about saying the “wrong” thing. I like Disney. I look at Pinterest quotes all the time. I think in metaphors. I’m superstitious, but not in the conventional, cliché way. If I could wear my sparkly Mickey ears every day, I would. I eat Fig Newtons all the dang time.

While dub myself “weird,” I also think from time to time, “Weird? Weird doesn’t even exist!”

I need to realize on a more daily basis that I am not “weird” or “odd.” I’m simply myself.

“Myself” is a pretty awesome thing to be. Without my odd tendencies, I wouldn’t be as driven and ambitious as I am today. Life wouldn’t be as magical without my Disney movies and soundtracks and park visits. If I didn’t trip over things or bump into stationary objects, I wouldn’t have such cool and interesting (sort of) stories to tell.

I am–and so are all of you– a unique little human taking up a certain amount of space in this world; that space is filled with your physical self and your very essence, your colorful personality. No person can occupy your space better than you. Isn’t that incredible to think about?

Love yourself–every little bit of yourself. Yes, there is always room for improvement, whether it be the kindness you show to others or your physical condition. But you are unique; you have every bit of potential and happiness that you want to possess. Weird does not exist. Just be the you that only you can be.

As Rhino, the little hamster from Bolt, says, “The impossible is possible if you’re awesome!”

You are awesome, my friends. Go for that which is impossible.


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