I’ll Be There For You

When the rain starts to pour.

I know everyone knows what theme song to what show I am talking about.

That’s right, friends. I am talking about the amazing, the wonderful, the ridiculously funny mecca of all television shows, Friends. This show has seriously gotten me through some pretty big steps in my life–I would watch it every night the summer I left for college to convince myself I could make it on my own like Rachel, Ross, Joey, Candler, Phoebe, and Monica did. I could easily lose my troubles and ease my worries when I watched Friends every night at 10 PM.

It’s just such a darn good show.

Every one of us can relate to the six characters: I’m OCD like Monica, a little self-centered and materialistic like Rachel, a dreamer and optimist like Phoebe, awkward and nerdy like Ross, sarcastic and witty like Chandler, and just freaking lovable and innocent (one can only hope) like Joey. These characters have helped society (in my humble opinion) embrace the uncertainty of young adulthood and to accept the idea that friends can truly become your family if you let them.

You can imagine my excitement when I found this gem for only ten dollars:

Yes, that is the famous Central Perk logo, the very same Central Perk that the best of friends gathered together and drank coffee and discussed life and laughed and sang “Smelly Cat” and other ridiculous songs. Fans of the show recognize this logo as the logo of the place to get coffee. It’s practically a pop culture icon.

Sipping from this mug some mornings just helps me accept the fact that not everything’s going to be figured out and cookie cutter perfect–it’s ok to be single and struggling to figure out what you want to do in life and sometimes just plain floating in a sea of uncertainty. Those six goofy Friends ended up ok, so why can’t I?

Thanks, Friends for always “being there” for me, even when I’m drinking my morning cup of goodness.

*Cue Chandler’s voice* Could life be any sweeter?


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