My little sister turns 19 in about twenty minutes.

It is truly impossible to fully express how much I love her and why I think sisters are just so important. In honor of her birthday, however, I am going to try to attempt to adequately convey my unconditional love and admiration for my other half.

She’s my best friend. I know that sounds so cliché and trite. But it is entirely true; there is no other reasonable way to put it. She’s been with me through everything–my triumphs, my heartaches, my fits, my accomplishments, the best of times, the worst of times. She loves me unconditionally and fiercely, even when I am at my very worst. We do everything together and will defend each other’s honor even when our actions are not very honorable at all. That’s what best friends are for.

She’s a caretaker. She takes care of me. She takes care of everyone around her; she is truly one of the most genuinely loving humans I’ve ever encountered. If she loves you, you’ll know and you’ll feel it in your very core.

She’s tough. Tougher than I’ve ever thought of being. She’s overcome so much adversity and has truly succeeded in whatever she set her mind to. She knows how to be happy with what she’s got and work for what she wants. It’s incredible.

She’s the Anna to my Elsa. I’m not exaggerating; our personalities are so much like those characters, it’s almost scary.  She’s optimistic through some crappy situations, and loves me unconditionally despite my Elsa-esque shortcomings. She’s a dreamer and a believer in true love, while I’m… I’m still working on that last part. She would do anything for me, just like I would do anything for her. If there’s one thing I know about true love, it is that I know I truly love my sister–she and my mom are everything.

She’s the Sully to my Mike Wazowski. We make the best team. I believe in my dreams just as little Mike does in Monster’s University while she struggles with some doubt from time to time– just like the furry, lovable James P. Sullivan. We compliment each other perfectly; Mike and Sully wouldn’t be anything without each other. The same goes for me and my sister.

If you have a sister or a sibling you’re close to, you know where I’m coming from. Your sister is the only person who shares the very same DNA; you were intrinsically intertwined from the start of your inevitable partnership. She knows your family secrets and dynamics, she knows what makes you happy and what makes you furious. She knows what you need when you’re a little down in the dumps, and you know you could tell her anything without a trace of judgment. She’s your sister.

I happen to believe that I win the prize for having the best little sister in the world. When my perspective falters, I remember that the only people who matter in this world are those who “packed your parachute,” as my mom would like to say. Those people are the ones who provided you with what you needed to jump out of a plane, take a leap of faith, and soar through the untested atmosphere we call life. My sister has packed my parachute big time; she matters so much. No matter what other people think of me, no matter what mistakes I’ve made, no matter how many times I screw up, she will always be there with open arms to help me and love me.

I love my sister with all my heart. She’s my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Happy birthday, sissy.


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