These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Disney Characters

Disney characters give me life.

They can be little entities of inspiration, laughter, courage, wisdom; you name it, a Disney character can embody it.  Channeling your favorites can help you get through any situation. Here are a few of my favorites:

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the cutest little grump you ever did see. The character you meet at any Disney park waddles around with so much sass, you can’t help but love him. Under all his grumpiness and self-centered-ness is a loyal heart; he never lets Mickey and his pals down. He’s also the hero of the Dream Along With Mickey show in Disney World; Donald remembers the power of dreams and saves the Magic Kingdom from a Maleficent takeover. Talk about a valiant duck, that Donald.

Peter Pan

Not the most commendable character in his movie–a self-centered brat most of the time, in fact–but he does have some of the best redeemable qualities. He loves Tinker Bell with all his heart, which goes to show that even the most immature, selfish people have a little good inside of them. He also makes Wendy realize it’s ok to grow up and mature, and it’s also ok to hold onto the most wonderful parts of childhood. Peter is also the best face character to interact with at the Parks. Just ask to take a selfie with him and the most ridiculous, fun conversation is sure to ensue.


See post entitled “Curiouser and Curiouser!” to fully comprehend the love I have for Alice.

Mike Wazowski

Monster’s University was the movie that solidified my love for this little round cyclops. Mike’s an underdog, a scaring major that’s not so scary but works and works and works to turn his dream into a reality. He helps his Oozma Kappa brothers realize that their differences make them more powerful than they could ever imagine; I still tear up when I think of his parting speech to them. Much love for the most diligent monster that ever existed.


Elsa is hands down my favorite princess–make that queen. I can relate so much to her; from the need to be perfect all the time to the immense love she has for her sister. Elsa and I are practically the same person. Listening to “Let it Go” can instantly turn a bad day into a good one. Channeling my inner Elsa means accepting the inevitable fact that I am not perfect and learning to love every bit of myself because of it.

Thank you, Disney, for creating relatable characters with commendable qualities. They provide a little inspiration and good vibes to even the gloomiest of days.

That’s some serious Disney magic.


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