Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is on. I repeat: HOCUS POCUS IS ON.

You know what that means: Holiday season is finally upon us.

I don’t just mean Halloween. I mean Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Post-Christmas-Depression/New Years/great food/great smells/good times/good feelings season. It starts NOW.

I know it’s only the end of September, but I truly believe the good vibes start as soon as the good movies begin their glorious run on network television. It’s not just your worn out VHS/DVDs playing the good stuff. It’s your trusty cable TV that displays the Sanderson sister’s gallivanting through Massachusetts circa 1993. We get to pine after that adorable black cat with the charming accent in real-time; no pressing “play” or extra remote required.

Hocus Pocus on television means Christmas music becomes that much more acceptable. Christmas music, in my humble opinion, begins the moment pumpkin spice lattes and whispers of Halloween costumes commence. Don’t ask for the logic behind this because I couldn’t tell you. Three resurrected victims of the Salem Witch Trials just screams “Christmas music,” don’t you agree?  And how can I contain my excitement for Idina “the Queen” Menzel’s upcoming Christmas Album? I am beyond the normal level of enthusiastic. “When You Wish Upon a Star” is on this album, people! A duet with Michael Buble, the King of Christmas albums, is on this album, people! How could you not want to get in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year with the most talented vocal artist’s Holiday album looming in the very near future? I just “can’t even,” as common young adult vernacular would have it.

Themed socks! Don’t get me started on festive, gaudy, over-the-top socks! Give me socks adorned in cute-sy pumpkins or ghosts and I’m instantly satisfied. Give me Santa Claus! Give me turkeys! Give me Mickey dressed up in holiday attire! Give me any thing festive on a sock and I know it’s the holiday season. Thanks for the cue, Hocus Pocus. 

But most of all, viewings of our beloved Hocus Pocus sparks the want (make that need) for all things festively scented. Pumpkin pie candles. Christmas sugar cookie scensty melts. Specialty lotions and body sprays. The actual real-life smells of holiday goodies baking in the oven. Ahhh. Smell-good stuff. Nothing can compare.

So raise some apple cider or hot chocolate or egg nog or whatever. It’s time to celebrate the start of the most wonderful three months of the year!

Thanks for ushering us in properly, Hocus Pocus.



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