My Disney Obsession- Let’s Get This Straight

There is no secret that I absolutely adore all things Disney.

I love the movies, the music, the theme parks, the merchandise, the food. I loved the television channel when I was younger. The broadway productions Disney concocts are gorgeous adaptions for the stage. Almost everything they do is considered a masterpiece. My peers (except for those who share my little obsession) don’t see Disney the way I do–they see silly cartoons, little kid’s sticky hands holding plush Mickeys, and musical numbers that are too catchy for their own good. They see overpriced Disney Parks merchandise and food items snatching money away from the unsuspecting.

I don’t see any of these things. Not at all.

I see works of art brought to the big screen. Story lines that took years to develop, musical numbers oozing with cleverness and inspiration, symbolism, foreshadowing, pathetic fallacy and endearing motifs. I appreciate meticulous, physical brush strokes you see when you watch the old films, and stare in wonder at the almost-flawless animation you see today.

I see little kids clutch a Mickey plush and realize that Mickey has been their pal from the start–he listens, his stories spark laughter and an optimistic outlook, and his soft little body is always wanting a good, reassuring squeeze.

I see characters throughout the Magic Kingdom and witness little moments of magic and childlike wonder catalyze through the interactions between children of all ages and characters. Kids can’t believe they’ve met the Mickey Mouse, and adults who know and understand the magic smile from Mickey ear to Mickey ear as they converse with their favorite character.

I see people witnessing a Disney fireworks show for the first time and the little tears that inevitably well up as they hear that simple message that often gets lost in our busy lives: “Dreams can come true.”

Disney isn’t a silly little quirk that keeps me entertained. It’s an optimistic, magical, diligent, happy-go-lucky lifestyle and mindset. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” {Walt Disney}



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