Little Things

It really is “the little things” that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I know it’s cliche, but those little things that we take for granted everyday– a perfect breeze that accompanies warm bits of sunshine, taking a swig of a sugary cup of coffee, when your hair falls just right–those trivial things fortify me throughout the day. They recharge my battery and flood my overworked brain with simple thoughts of appreciation I crave. Taking a few seconds to appreciate random “little things” keeps me sane.

Today was just one of those days I needed my “little things.”

Putting on my Monster’s University hat gave me a little bit of strength, a little spring in my step. I love that hat. It’s a deep royal blue, worn at the edges to stay in character, and brings out the color in my eyes. I channeled my inner Mike Wazowski today–the scrappy guy nobody believed in, the round little pea-green Cyclops that refused to call it quits.

He’s my guy, that Mike.

The view on my way to one of my classes takes my breath away. In the distance, Wind turbines brush the sky with their rhythmically revolving mega-blades. It’s always around ten in the morning as I mount a grassy hill shaded by generic trees, so the sidewalk is spattered with little orbs of sunshine. The weather’s cooling off, so the wind that blows against my face is welcome, not scorching.

Other things that kept me going:

  • Coffee. Always coffee.
  • The text from my landlord: “Package in the office. -Marge.”
  • Fig Newtons.
  • Coming up with a pretty decent paper topic for the otherwise “eh” Faust.
  • My Beauty and the Beast socks. Their like a dirty little secret hiding in the crevices of my shoes. Except not that dirty. More like amazingly cute and kid-ish of me.
  • Clean laundry.

These “little things” certainly aren’t much, but they do the trick. Just know that there’s something good to be found in each, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (thanks for the best description, Alexander). Even if it’s just a silly old hat.

3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Reading this made me so happy, but what else could I expect when reading a blog that could come from none other than the girl that can so easily bring a smile to my face? In fact, I think this blog will become one of my favorite little things.

    “Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”
    -I know you know darn well who says this.


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